Klitschko won the fight

In all, an unexpectedly dominant performance by Vitali Klitschko, the much taller Klitschko kept Peter at bay with his long reach in round one, cracking Peter with some hard rights. As the bout progressed, Vitali continued to strafe Peter from long range and although Klitschko was keeping his mouth open and his hands dangerously low, Peter had little success reaching him.

Klitschko swept the first four rounds as announced by the WBC’s open scoring. Vitali continued to batter Peter mercilessly as the bout progressed. Round eight was Klitschko’s most dominant of the bout as he staggered Peter with numerous hard blows.

Klitschko won the fight after round nine due to technical knock out during a WBC heavyweight boxing world championship fight in Berlin, Germany, Saturday, Oct. 11, 2008

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  1. TijuanaBoxing

    I was impressed by how sharp Vitali was in his fist fight in 4 years and on the other end Peter really reminded me why the Heavy weight division is so boring at this time.

    Good fight for Vitali, let’s see how long can he stay out of injury and maybe forget about that promise and fight his brother !