Training camp in Big Bear

If you had the chance to ask the Ten-time World Champion and Olympic Gold Medallist Oscar de la Hoya a question what would it be?

On Wednesday Nov. 12 I will be traveling with Golden Boy Promotions to Oscar’s training camp in Big Bear where the Golden Boy is preparing for “The Dream Match” against Manny Pacquiao. IGNACIO “NACHO” BERISTAIN, De La Hoya’s Head Trainer, ANGELO DUNDEE, De La Hoya’s Training Consultant and of course OSCAR DE LA HOYA will be there. I will have the opportunity to talk to Oscar, so if you have any good questions you would like me to ask, leave your question in the comment section.

Promoted by Golden Boy Promotions and Top Rank, Inc., presented by Tequila Cazadores, and sponsored by Cerveza Tecate, DeWalt Tools, Full Throttle Energy Drink and Southwest Airlines.  De La Hoya vs. Pacquiao, a 12-round welterweight battle, will take place Saturday, Dec. 6 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nev.  The fight will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per View, beginning at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT.

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  1. joseph blackbourn

    hi there to anyone that may be able to help us out. my name is joe blackbourn and me and 3 others are looking to train in big prior to the world amatuer boxing champs in september in baku. big bear seems to be the place to be for training camps. i once did a camp in high altitude in colorado springs with the airforce. we were hoping to do the same in colorado but it is not good timing for the coach at the airforce so were are unable to go there if any one can let me know of someone i can talk to it would be a great help thanks

    joe blackbourn

  2. TijuanaBoxing

    Oscar in his prime was good, was really good, but he also lost the big fights, remember Trinidad?..what about Mosley…..or Hopkins??
    He fought an older Chavez and he mopped the floor with him, something that he really did not needed to do knowing that Chavez was Mexico’s greatest boxer who was passed his prime, he showed no respect for some one who he supposedly admire, that is why true Mexican boxing fans who remember those 2 fights don’t like Oscar.
    Personally I do like Oscar, I don’t like what he did with Chavez but I still like how he “used” to fight, nothing really impressing now in days, he will probably by in for the fight of his life if he ever fights Margarito.

    Now, let’s forget a second all this buzz that is going on with Margarito…. This is a guy that was feared for a long time, long before the Cotto fight, a guy who even Pretty Boring Floyd Mayweather said NO to 8MILLION DOLLARS to fight him, someone who many other fighters were avoiding “for obvious reasons”… So all Oscar and Mayweather are doing is being smart, that’s all… But being smart in this sport is not fun, now is it Pretty Boy?…
    I do hope Margarito fights Paul again and makes it clear he is not making the same mistake twice.. so we shall see what the future holds.

    But don’t be to crazy about old Oscar now, he was great..but not anymore.

  3. Arturo

    hey haters dont hate on Oscar,he has fought the best
    and about cry Margarito,stop crying and talking
    and fight Paul Williams,there’s a lot of good guys Margarito
    can fight and then be the best welter.But please Margarito
    stop challenging Oscar cause he is not a Cotto or a a Cintron
    he is the Golden Boy and he kik your azzzzz

  4. TijuanaBoxing

    I believe that’s the only way he can give back to Mexican fans what he took from them when he humiliated Chavez, to fight Margarito.

  5. Ginro

    why if he said that he wants to proove that hes a real mexican warrior and that he want to give mexican people a good fight… he is fighting Pacquiao… and running away from margarito ??
    they can easily get a full house in the azteca stadium giving mexican people what they deserve… and aslo he will proove that he is a warrior by fighting the best mexican at welters…

  6. Bouncybouncy

    He’s an 8-time world champ, not a ten-time world champ:
    \WBO Super Featherweight
    WBO Lightweight
    IBF Lightweight
    WBC Light Welterweight
    WBC Welterweight
    IBF Welterweight
    WBO Middleweight
    WBC Super Welterweight

  7. TijuanaBoxing

    I would ask him, why are you afraid of fighting Margartio, he has all of what you said you wanted to fight against a few months back.

    Just let him know that the true Mexicans fans want to see a good fight between the legend and the fighter, we deserve it, all boxing fans do!

    We know Oscar is not done, so give us what we want! real fireworks!

  8. Paula

    OMG I need autograph trunks………or lots and lots of pictures