Drama at the Kardashian Knockout Charity


TKO Boxing and PR Entertainment Inc., brought a night of boxing to the Commerce Casino Tuesday night. This was not your ordinary fight card since this event included some celebrities such as Rob, Khloe and Kim Kardashian, along with Bruce Jenner and Scott Disick.

The celebrity boxing charity was to raise money for the Dream Foundation, not only was this to raise funds but it was also taped for their popular reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” on the E! Network.

As I sit at ringside and watch Rob Kardashian walk to the ring to start the event, when you think about any type of charity events, one assumes everything its played out and the challengers will go easy on the celebrities as this is for a good cause, well was I wrong.

James Taylor, a former trained fighter, was the highest bidder for the chance to step in the ring with Rob. As he stood in front of me, he was huffing and puffing like a bull as he looked at Rob Kardashian with anger.

KardashianvsTaylor8Within seconds of the bell ringing, he fires an over hand right that sends Rob flying out the ropes into my lap. At this point every one realizes that Taylor wanted to seriously hurt the Kardashian. Security and the whole E! Staff is yelling to stop the fight. Kim and her sister rushed to the ring as we helped Rob get back in the ring. He continued to get a beat down from his over sized bully.

Immediately, the event was stopped and all the Kardashians were rushed to the locker rooms. After hours of back and forth negotiations to get the Kardashians back in the ring, Bruce Jenner and Kim Kardashian finally decided to come out and fight there opponents by midnight. It looked like they were playing patty cake, but overall it was fun to see Kim Kardashian in a boxing ring for a good cause.

Don’t miss this episode when it airs.

To read the professional boxing portion of the “Kardashian Knockout Charity” card, presented by TKO Boxing Promotions, click here.

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  1. sugerray

    Robbi got his ass kicked to bad it wasnt kim !!! the fight game is no joke so dont pretend!!

  2. Edgar Gonzalez

    the picture above shows an estimate of her height. Kim cant box period. no matter who you put in front of her. she is a model not a boxer.

  3. Walter Gray

    Edgar, Selina, and Miles: Since you guys were there, please give us an estimate of the height and weight of Kim’s opponent.. In your opinion, if they had been the same size, would Kim had done no better, a little better, or a lot better?

  4. Mark Gray

    Hey you, James Taylor, fat white trash wannabe-boxer, you forgot that the charity event was to SAVE A GIRL’S LIFE, and not to give you a chance to dump your anger (and envy) on one of the Kardashians. You wanted your 15 minutes of fame, but got a lifetime of shame. You are a pathetic, second-tier human being. By the way, THAT POOR GIRL PASSED AWAY. But I am sure you don’t care. You don’t have the heart, and the brains, to get it. Good luck, caveman.

    *I love this comment above, James Taylor is the bottom of the barrel scum, what a low life jerk!

  5. James Taylor White Trash

    Hey you, James Taylor, fat white trash wannabe-boxer, you forgot that the charity event was to SAVE A GIRL’S LIFE, and not to give you a chance to dump your anger (and envy) on one of the Kardashians. You wanted your 15 minutes of fame, but got a lifetime of shame. You are a pathetic, second-tier human being. By the way, THAT POOR GIRL PASSED AWAY. But I am sure you don’t care. You don’t have the heart, and the brains, to get it. Good luck, caveman.

  6. Megan Kaiser

    James Taylor is an absolute LOSER… no matter how you look at it. This was NOT a professional boxing match. If you wanted to watch a true blue boxing match, get some tickets for Oscar De La Hoya….geez. Then you see news of Jerk T saying that he was really being a good sport..I never hit him when his mask was off….MY ASS. I would be embarrassed as hell to be associated with this fat jerk and turn my back on him immediately. NO ONE ever thinks people like that are WORTHY of anything…. JAMES TAYLOR …FAT LOSER…FAT LOSER…FAT LOSER…FAT LOSER!!!!!!

  7. silvia mijares

    James Taylor you are an idiot Seems like you have to pay so much money to make yourself feel like a man, single dad geese i wonder why? get over yourself really you just made yourself look like the biggest moron. No sympathy on behalf of that family anyone who has that sort of ego must be making themselves feel better to compromise for something else theyre missing.

  8. Mark Gray

    Through with comments to this post, my response to OMFG was not even posted. A person speaks his mind and comments on bad language and the moderators won’t even post it!

  9. Veronica

    That guy that fought Rob was such an ass. He was so eager to feel like a “fighter” and knocking out a Kardashian. Pseudo-fighter!

  10. omfg

    what the fuck are u serious yeah great your all boxing fans but regardless to what rob , kim ,santa or fucking rudolph said it was for charity not for blood taylor needs a good kick in the teeth for a start and for still hitting him when his mask was off what a fucking pussy its people like that who get killed for being cocky little pricks im sure plenty of 8 year olds have threatend to knock me out before but i dont beat the shit out of them what a fame hungry twat and clearly ur just some jelious cunt who is fugly as fuck seriosly grow the fuck up it was rong what he did and u no it stop bein such twats if u didnt see anything rong with what taylor did u cant no boxing that well oh nd btw (boxing is about self control and skill and stamina not anger jeliousy and being a pure knob !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go cry in the mirror u ugly cunts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Mark Gray

    Hey Marie, maybe the group should close this forum if you think it’s been overdone. My opinion is that since it is a forum everyone should be able to voice their opinion!

  12. oman

    Marie, though the fight was a couple months ago the video for it was only aired a few days ago. I really don’t care about the Kardashians but this is a fan boxing site and this topic is on it, hence, we’re talking about it again.

  13. Marie Suarez

    This fight took place months ago. Move on people. Whatever you feel about the motives of the people involved it is done and past. The personal attacks on James Taylor are as unwarranted as the praise and sympathy you are heaping on the Kardashians. It has to be admitted they are as attention seeking as the people they fought. The verbal abuse and profanities the women in that family hurled around set the tone. What do you have invested that this is so important to you to attack Taylor? Why do you care. IT WAS JUST A SHOW.

  14. Mark Gray

    Purely cold hearted, hitting your opponent when his head gear came lose and also trying to hit Rob when he was on the mat, what a low life James Taylor must be. I think he figured to had to win no matter what so his ego wouldn’t be hurt, maybe he should enter a few tough man contest and get his butt handed to him, Taylor deserves to be pounded without any mercy!

  15. shelly

    what an idiot who wanted to keep fighting rob when his mask was off…god this was for charity

  16. Shadell Mullen

    You speak of this Taylor ass muncher mother fucker like you know him. Is he known for boxing?

  17. Shadell Mullen

    I could not believe that those people who fought the Kardashian’s actually wanted to hurt them and a real ugly man in the back ground mocking them. The Kardashian family is one that is out for the greater good. They have pure hearts and only good intentions…THEY WOULD NEVER DREAM OF HURTING SOMEONE JUST BECAUSE THEY COULD. The people who paid all that money to fight them did not graciously give money to a charity. They were trained for boxing, they were trained to kick ass in the ring, in which they maliciously and intentionally got into that boxing ring to hurt the members of this generous and loving family.

    I do not think that I have ever been more pist in my life but hey, KARMA IS A BITCH !

  18. Janay

    Mr. Miles long need to shut the fuck up like he know what he saying is true. No matter what he was bigger than him in its was not suppose to be a real fight it was just for charity in that bitch ass coward took it serious i hope he don’t think he won. Because it was not a real match in he took it serious. he just did that cause he knew he was on tv in millions of people would be watching it. JAMES TAYLOR IS STILL A BIG FAT LOOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. oman

    After viewing the video it seemed to me James Taylor continued to try, and did hit Rob when his head gear slipped off. Which the ref should have stopped at that point. Then shortly after, Taylor continued going after Rob after he was knocked down and on the ground, basically jumping on top of him while he was down. Kind of a douchebag move and looked pretty cheap on Taylor’s end, especially since this was a charity event and he was 20 lbs heavier. It felt like Taylor was seeking revenge for all those times he was bullied in high school and hoped his tormentors would see it on TV.

    On the other hand, if Rob was talking smack he should have been ready to back it up. Also, I wasn’t there and maybe I didn’t see all the video. But at least it raised some cash for the charity.

  20. Mark Gray

    All’s fair in love and war, if you agree to glove up and get in the ring then you better accept the fact that you may get hurt. I cannot feel sorry for Rob Kardashian if he was bragging about how tough he was before the fight, James Taylor also got in the ring in hopes of putting on a good show and to win the fight. If the supposed tough man couldn’t defend himself and take some punches then maybe he shouldn’t have agreed to box for the charity, the consequences of boxing are taking punches and the possibility of getting hurt or even knocked out. No sympathy from me for Rob Kardashian!

  21. Edgar

    @Miles Long you brought some good points.

  22. TijuanaBoxing

    LOL man, how can people really take a boxing card with “The Kardashians” in it this serious? One way or another you have to know your not going to see Pacquiao vs Cotto.
    I can understand why people who went to the event are angry, but come on this was a joke since it was announce.
    Next thing you know we’ll demand for Shaq vs Oscar II lol

  23. Miles Long

    Edgar ….Thank you for clarifying where you got your information from (we already know you got your info from her site in the first place.) Clearly you are an obsessed fan of Kim, who I might add could give two shits if you were there or not. All they wanted was your money. This was billed as a boxing fight. The only protected one was Kim. Were you in the dressing rooms hearing what the commissioners and producers were telling the other fighters? This was a fight. Did they want the fighters to kill eachother… But thats in any fight at any level. The fighters safety is always first. My close friend is a California State Boxing Inspector and informed me these were sanctioned fights. Yes you are correct it is for charoty but a fight is a fight. And when Rob was throwing what was the other guy to do? Would you get in the ring with him and let him punch you around? “Protect yourselves at all times” and sometimes that means fighting back. The kid had a big mouth (as Selina indicated) and bit off more than he could chew and got knocked out. Plain and simple. Championship fight or not… was still a fight and guess what….wouldn’t you agree it was the most entertaining fight of the night. Or did you enjoy the fight between Bruce and the other guy. How about that monster shot Bruce threw that floored the guy. WOW what a punch. Did you enjoy that scripted bout. How about when the girl Kim fought hit her then turned to the ref to apologize? Truth of the matter is the Kardashians were there to compete (with the exception of Kim who was protected). But when lil brother got knocked out…..REALITY set in and they went backstage top come up with a better plan. Then you had WWF at its finest. So Taylor did not hold up the fights, the Kardashians were backstage trying to figure out how to deal with the REALITY they just put themselves into…..or back out of.

    For your information I was at the fights, I was backstage too and saw first hand what held up the night. Fights were supposed to start at 8pm. What time did the first pro fight go off? Maybe 9:15pm. Could that be because the Kardashians just flew on helicopters, had to have a red carpet entrance, do press interviews, take photos, dress, stage a weigh in that had to be re-taped over and over again because your Kim locked herself in the bathroom because she was scared or did she just do that so they had good material for the show? Either way the night was held up because of them. Is that REALITY? And yet you sit there waiting and waiting and blame Taylor for ruining the night because he did what he was supposed to do…..fight !!! Your delusional man if you think those people gave a shit about how long you waited. And how do you think the six pro fighters felt having to be in the middle of this madness backstage? This is their living and its being held up because Kim and Khloe want to make sure their hair is done to fight or their gloves match their trunks. The REALITY is they already had your money but they had a show to tape. The REALITY is sometimes in life when you talk the talk you better walk the walk because if not the REALITY is you are going to get knocked out. But see you don’t know any of this and you want to live in a bubble that makes you think these people are the greatest thing since white rice.

    Before you want to jump on the bandwagon, open your eyes and formulate your own opinions with the facts. Oh but thats right you are probally anxiously awaiting for the episode to air so you can have them tell you what the REALITY of the night was.

  24. Selina

    Edgar,,,,please you should be pissed at Kim and Bruce for holding the night up for over an hour and thanking James for knocking him out so fast at least that didn’t take long! Maybe Rob will remember it is for a charity next time and not get as mouthy as his sisters and write a check instead!

    Thank you Miles for setting the record straight!

  25. Edgar Gonzalez

    Besides him looking 30+lbs heavier, posted this

    “We just found out that this guy that fought Rob was 35 lbs heavier than Rob and was a trained fighter! He was overheard saying that he just wanted to be on TV!! Rob could have gotten seriously hurt! It was totally unfair to Rob, who was just trying to do something positive for charity and this guy comes in all he cares about is looking like a tough bully on TV. Well now you just look like an idiot and a liar! I can’t believe the commission would allow a trained fighter to fight Rob!”

    Being overweight is beside the point he killed the night for many of us as we waited hours for the show to continue if you where at the fights then you know what I am talking about.

    I think your missing the point this was suppose to be a charity event for a good cause not a championship fight between Taylor and Rob.

  26. Miles Long

    Also, are you aware of all the crap Rob was talking the days leading up to the fight. Were you at the press conference or the weigh in? He was saying he was there to knock out his opponent and was ready to fight. Rob was game and a fight is a fight. The Kardashians have to spin it this way to make for good “reality TV”. Well the TRUE reality is that he agreed to fight James, opened his mouth about knocking him out came in the ring to slug and got caught with a punch, got p and wanted to keep fighting but his sisters jumped in to stop the fight against his wishes. Don’t you think its funny he has yet to make a statement about it. Thats because he knows the truth but has to let his sisters do the talking for him. I am starting to realize you are more of a Kardashian fan than a fight fan. Some of us were there to see a fight.

  27. Miles Long

    Hey Edgar !!! How do you know he was 35lbs more than Rob? Were you at the weigh in? Did you see they made James Taylor weigh in with his gear on. For your information Rob Kardashian weighed in at 194 and James weighed in at 213 (with gear on). That is a 19 pound differance. How do you know he’s a trained fighter? Have you heard of him before? Here’s the thing, if your gonna post stuff make sure your facts are straight and not take what you read on Kim’s Twitter and preach the stuff like you came up with it yourself.

  28. Edgar Gonzalez

    Your right he was a trained fighter, regardless he was a bully with 35lbs heavier that Rob. Taylor killed the whole night the show was almost canceled not to mention was delay we all had to wait hours before Kim deicide to come out again.

  29. Marie Suarez

    You should check your facts. James Taylor is not a former heavyweight. There is a boxer named James Taylor-not the same guy.

  30. TijuanaBoxing

    Nice picks man, that must have been fun lol