Tickets are still available for Arreola vs Adamek

Cristobal Arreola (28-1, 25KOs) and Tomasz Adamek (40-1, 27 KOs) hosted there final press conference today at the San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino, one of the primary sponsors of this Saturday night’s highly-anticipated “RING OF FIRE” pro boxing blockbuster being televised by HBO “Boxing After Dark.”

“RING OF FIRE” will take place at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California. Tickets are still available and priced at $250, $100, $70, and $35 and are available. For more information about boxing tickets and UFC tickets please visit

Here are some quotes of today’s press conference.

GOOSSEN: “Saturday night is a can’t-miss Super Bowl of boxing in the heavyweight division. It will be sure to bring excitement. This fight is something that HBO and both fight camps wanted badly.”

“The heavy weight division needs this fight. The message I’m trying to get out there is that this fight is going to be pure excitement. It’s two fighters looking to knock the other out. Our message to the other weight classes: ‘Emulate what Chris and Adamek do on Saturday night. You have got to be willing to fight one another.’”

“Chris is excitement inside the ring and explosive outside the ring because of his great personality. He’s one of us.”

ARREOLA: “Saturday night is definitely going to be a fight that I will TiVo and watch when I get home. If I wasn’t fighting on Saturday night, this is definitely a fight that I would watch.”

(On Adamek): “He is going to be a hit and run boxer. I am going to have to bring my boxing skills to the ring. I’m going to have to put the pressure on him in order to bring him to fight.”

(On what he expects from himself on Saturday night): “I have had good strength and conditioning and I have learning to move laterally. I want to showcase my skills and solidify everything that my trainer, Henry, and my strength and conditioning coach, Darryl (Hudson), have worked with me on. I have a lot to prove not just for myself but also for other people who are working hard for my career to be where it’s at. I want people to know that Dan isn’t just blowing smoke up people’s Asses.”

(On training at home for this fight): “In the past it was hard training away from home. Mostly because I am not familiar with an area and that makes it hard for me to know where to eat and to trust whoever is cooking the food. I love going to Yard House Restaurant because I am familiar with the establishment and they know the kind of meals I need to eat while in training. They are able to cook up something healthy and hearty for me to eat.”

(On his weight): “I am going to come in weighing in the high 230’s or low 240s.”

(On criticism he has received): “People who have told me in order to be more marketable that I need to tone it down with my language. I can’t do that because I cannot be what I am not. I have to keep it real. People always tell me that I say things that they wish they could say…. so I feel like it’s an honor for me to be me – to be real.”

RAMIREZ: “We are all looking forward to Saturday’s fight. Chris Arreola is prepared to put on a great performance Saturday night.”

ADAMEK: “I will prove my worth in the ring. May the best man win. There is no weight disadvantage to deal with. The real fighter will win.”

(On the Polish President tragedy): “It’s sad and a travesty. But it’s life. God gives me the power and focus and I will use them on Saturday night.”

BLOODWORTH: “We all know that both Chris and Adamek are coming to fight. May the best man win.”

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