Was a Rematch Really Necessary?

Fast & furious Juan Manuel Marquez takes on Juan Diaz this Saturday night on HBO PPV in a rematch that I am not going to say is highly anticipated because I think it is all hype. I am not going to argue the fact that their first match up was named 2009 fight of the year by both Ring Magazine and the Boxing Writers Association of America, but why the rematch?

When I think of a rematch, I think its necessary because the fight was controversial of who should have won but when Marquez secured a brutal ninth-round knocked out with his powerful right hand, there was no question who won.

Diaz came out strong and it was a grueling battle but Diaz got tired fast. What can Diaz possible do different? If he doesn’t brawl then it’s going to be a boring fight. Diaz has since fought twice against Paul Malignaggi, winning the first clash on points last August before the decision went against him four months later. Marquez was outpointed by Floyd Mayweather last September.

Right now Marquez is favored 9-2 to come out on top again and Diaz is currently rated a 3-1 underdog to gain revenge. So is not even worth betting.

I have to go with Marquez to win by knockout again, that’s if Diaz brawls if not, Marquez will win a unanimous decision.

What’s your take, will this be another repeat or redemption?

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Edgar Gonzalez

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  1. Jesus A

    I think everbody can have a bad fight. Many elite level fighters have lost two fights in a row and have come back and still be at the elite level. I think Diaz has to be given a fighter’s chance. Maybe not at winning but at least making it competitive to justify the PPV money people will pay.

  2. Jay

    Its all good. If the undercards are good and you get a couple of friends together, maybe some BBQ. I’m with jesus, I think Marquez will beat Diaz again. Diaz fought well even stund Marquez, But I think Marquez has to much skill and smarts to get beat by Diaz. At least for now, Diaz did stick him with a hard left hook in the 2nd. Marquez is a trooper though he wasnt going out like that.

  3. love boxing

    I agree about relishing the moment ,but seriouly this fight is really pointless!
    Diaz lost to Manilagii Paul for god sake .
    If he could not beat Paul ,I don’t think that he even be competitor opponent against JMM.
    Oaky let’s enjoy !

  4. Jesus A

    I’m with SD-Boxing. Just enjoy it. Drink beers. I figure Diaz wants to see if he can still compete at the elite level. Marquez will test him again…and KO him again…

  5. BabySal

    I don’t think the rematch was necessary, but I think it will still be a good fight. The undercard fights should be good so that kinda makes it woth the PPV price tag. I’m ordering this fight for sure. Should be a good evening of boxing.

  6. bori_4_life

    marquez was loosing the fight. diaz was giving it to him but marquez fought a smart fight and got threw diaz defense. i dont mind a rematch it was a gd fight. now ppv??? naaa it should be on hbo no ppv.


    Its okay im watching it gather a couple of my Boxing friends pitch in for the fight buy some beer and its on. does not bother me at all that its ppv it is what it is. Love the sport of boxing.

  8. love boxing

    JMM won the first fight decisively .Therefore,there is no need for a second fight.
    I think that the fight being on PPV is a big time snafu.
    Boxing fans don’t deserve this sort of fight at the current time .
    Diaz should be very grateful for this opportunity !

  9. Jay

    I hear that Edgar your right. I’m sure it will be a good fight but not for ppv.

  10. Edgar

    I don’t even think this fight should be on PPV, both are coming from previous losses