What an Embarrassment!

This past Saturday, James Toney got his ass kicked in the co-main event of UFC 118. Randy Couture in a heart beat dropped Toney with a shot for a single leg takedown. Toney wasn’t able to get a single punch off before finding himself in trouble within the first 20 seconds of the round.

Couture locked up an arm triangle and began to squeeze the lights out of Toney. Couture simply moved in to side control to finish the fight. Within seconds of getting side control, with the arm triangle locked in, Toney began “waving” for the tapout just 3 minutes and 19 seconds of the first round.

Many UFC fans were giving credit to Toney for actually going into the Octagon, an eight-sided mat and cage, but for us boxing fans, it was a embarrassment, supposedly he dropped 40 pounds just to enter the Octagon at a bloated, bubbly 237.

When asked whether or not Randy would take on James in the boxing ring, he said, “I would respectfully decline such an offer. It would be just as silly as I think it is for James to fight in mixed martial arts.”

The deck is stacked against any boxer trying to compete in mixed martial arts – just as it would be for an MMA fighter in a boxing match. It’s why almost no one even tries.

Watch as Randy Couture quickly wins over James Toney.

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  1. 'Old Skool Boxing Fan'

    C’mon Toney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why would he step in the octagon? No other options left huh?! And I thought it was only BOXING that has CHANGED these last 10 yrs, now the UFC!! Then again, the UFC would put ANYBODY in the Octagon!! All about that $$$

  2. myboxingfan

    this really sucks!

  3. laxone

    He should have never gone in the Octagon.
    It didn’t prover shit!

  4. Jonny-Boy

    Completly embarassing