Mercito Gesta Has No Mercy For Ivan Valle

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From San Diego, CA., at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel, Don Chargin Promotions with Jorge Marron Productions in association with Golden Boy Promotions and Tecate con Caracter, presented “Solo Boxeo Tecate,” the popular weekly series broadcast by Spanish language networks Telefutura.

Highly touted San Diego, CA., prospect by way of Cebu City, PH., Mercito “No Mercy” Gesta (20-0-1, 10KOs), starched Los Mochis, Mexico’s Ivan “Relampago” Valle (28-10-3, 24KOs), showing tremendous speed and power as the Filipino sensation only needed two rounds to

dispatch of his out-classed opponent.

“People need to tune in and see this fight because they are going to see something truly special,” said Vince Parra, trainer/manager of Mercito Gesta when speaking of his young charge, and Parra could not have been more right as the party of pain started early for Ivan Valle.

The speedy 23-year-old Gesta came out gauging his adversary with jabs for only :45 seconds before the Filipino fireball opened up with slick combination’s pushing Valle against the ropes and at 2:10 of the opening period Gesta landed a straight-left – right-hook followed by another laser beam straight-left with Ivan’s back to the ropes, that hurt the Mexican causing him to grasp onto Mercito. Gesta did not let up on the 30-year-old Valle as he started throwing lightning quick right and left-hooks mixed in with some hard straight-lefts that got “Relampago” off Gesta and staggering away on queer-street as “No Mercy” tracked him down looking to hurt him some more, but Valle smartly held onto Mercito for a few seconds buying time. After getting his bearings back Ivan Valle began coming forward again as he backed Gesta to the ropes throwing a right-left up top followed by a left-hook to the body that Mercito blocked.

Gesta was doing a good job of keeping his guard up and landed a nice straight-left lead to the body followed by a crisp right-hook to the dome of Ivan. At :51 seconds of the round Valle, who was coming forward throwing a one-two jab right-hand got countered by a beautiful short right-hook by Gesta that floored the Mexican who got up quick but was definitely hurt. After Valle took the eight-count Mercito jumped right back on Ivan with right and left-hooks and at :26 seconds Gesta, who was encroaching on his prey, landed a straight-left followed by a right-hook on the top of Ivan’s head sending him to the canvas for a second time. Mercito threw his hands up in excitement as he scanned over his cheering San Diego fans who were just as excited.

Gesta’s attention turned back to his wounded victim who once again beat the count. After eating a few more Mercito uppercuts and a hard right-hook to the head as the bell sounded to end the first round assault, Ivan Valle staggered back to his corner stumbling into the ropes badly hurt. Mercito Gesta displayed controlled aggression, patience and maturity in rolling over Valle, hurting him several times in round one but not wasting his energy going for a knockout when realizing Valle was going to survive for the time being.

Valle’s legs still weren’t under him when the 2nd round commenced and Gesta landed two swift right-hooks atop Ivan’s head followed by a stiff straight-left to the mouth. Mercito then landed a hard straight-left to the nose of Valle that hurt the Los Mochis native, followed by a flurry of unanswered rights and lefts that put Ivan on the ropes and holding on for dear life until somebody in Valle’s corner jumped up on the canvas waiving off the fight, prompting referee Pat Russell to halt the action at 2:35 giving Mercito “No Mercy” Gesta the TKO victory improving his resume to 20-0-1, 10KOs, as he continues his rise to notoriety.

After the fight, Gesta trainer Vince Parra rated his pupil with an A+ performance, “He wanted to put his critics to rest and he wanted to fight somebody dangerous and he did it. And I really think he made a bold statement. I don’t think he even got hit once and this fight was never close,” said Parra. “Mercito will fight anybody in the lightweight division, Brandon Rios, Humberto Soto, anybody,” Parra respectfully stated when queried on what was next for Gesta.

Gesta demonstrated that speed is power and with seven kayo’s in his last nine scraps, anyone who thought Mercito couldn’t punch better think again. “No Mercy” is no joke and the lightweight division better take notice as there is a new phenom on the block, threatening not only their shiny trinkets but also their well being. Gesta is ranked #12 by the WBO and with his impressive victory Mercito is sure to climb in all rankings as he knocks on the door of championship dreams.

Gesta and Parra have stated numerous times that they feel they are ready for a world title fight and seek one in 2011. “Hopefully next year I can fight for a world title, we are ready,” said Gesta when I spoke with him a few weeks ago. If there were any nay-sayers or those wondering if Mercito was ready for elite level competition, Gesta answered those questions or at least made a great case for himself, putting away with ease the durable Ivan Valle in less than four minutes.

Mercito, who will be traveling back home to the Philippines for the first time in nearly four years later this year to see his family and friends, wanted to have a world title belt to take back on his travels. Unfortunately boxing is a game of opportunity and Mercito’s big break didn’t come in 2010 but with his spectacular performance over Valle, 2011 looks to be very shiny for Gesta. Although the young pugilist isn’t taking back a world title belt, he is taking back his WBO youth lightweight strap and more importantly Mercito is taking the joy of this big win back home to celebrate with his family and friends, knowing that this victory puts him on the map as well as on the radar of the top dogs. Mercito Gesta’s family, friends and fans have plenty to be proud of when there beloved boxing son makes his triumphant return to his native land.

Look for the red hot Filipino kid Mercito Gesta in 2011 as he hopes to get an opportunity at the best in the lightweight division.

The way Mercito is fighting right now the sky is the limit, and there will be “No Mercy.”

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  1. Edgar

    Mercito Gesta will be the next world champ.. I really think so.

  2. love boxing

    Brandon Rios will fuck him up .

  3. scurv

    Amazing fight! This guy has some major talent! You can see the intense level of dedication and training this boxer has. Swift lightning punches with precision accuracy. Not a movement wasted. Major props to his trainers and coach. You have developed a spectacular emerging world champion! We will be seeing much more of this A+ boxer.