Robert Garcia Boxing Academy

The HBO crew and boxing fans flooded Robert Garcia’s Boxing Academy in south Oxnard, CA, this past Sunday as Antonio Margarito and Sergio Martinez among others attended the first annual charity event to help fund the traveling and lodging expenses for amateur fighters.

Boxing fans got to take their picture with the fighters and the opportunity for an autograph signing session as you will see during HBO 24/7. Margarito has not only adjusted to his new trainer but also has made a home in his new gym, the Robert Garcia Boxing Academy as he trains for his 150 lbs. catch weight clash on November 13th at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, TX, against Manny Pacquiao.

A win against the most recognized fighter of the post-De La Hoya era will go a long way towards hopefully restoring his reputation inside and outside of the ring.


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  1. Ernesto Villarreal

    Rob if you appear in Mayweather’s corner, or escort him to the ring you will lose all respect of your people. Don’t let your b/s feud with your brother sell your soul out to the devil. You should be proud of your brother and support him in the ring with Ortiz.

  2. anibal robles

    hey my name is anibal im 23 years old,live in marysville california and i used to go to the hit squat boxing gym.had been training there for many years.i would like to have a talk with robert garcia if planing on moving over there and join his gym i would like to show my training experience and see what he thinks of it and become pro.its been one of my best wish in life.i wasnt able to do it because of my migrant status but i have gotten my greencard already and have everything current.i would like to be train by him because he is one of a kind and i know i would be in good hands and show him the best of me.i have had 12 amature fights on that ones i have won 9 of them and lost 3.i would appreciate a response back at you for taking the time to read my this which is really important to me. ANIBAL ROBLES BAUTISTA.

  3. Ricardo

    Robert needs to step his class up! He is acting like Brandon Rios – meaning being a jackhole in interviews. Step your game up Rookie! He even talks trash to his own blood. What a class act. Hit up your local church or act like your father did in the past you knucklehead. At least Brandon can claim he’s young and clearly stupid.

  4. Djams

    well the fight is over, i watched every round and was disappointed with the outcome of the way AM fought, first off he said he would not fight the way Clottey fought Pac, and just sit there like a punching bag, well…. he did..he covered and got hit, if Garcia would have reviewed the way other fighters fought Pac and put a beating on him he would of reviewed tape from Marquez/Pac I and II even though the second fight went to Pac, when Pac flurried to punch, Marquez flurried right back and would hurt Pac, when Pac is throwing you have to get in there throw and to,, otherwise the outcome is what AM got….there was no forward movement or pressure from AM, maybe a little in the 6th, but other than that, AM did exactly as CLOTTEY did and paid the price for trying to cover up when Pac decided to throw, 20 punches to your 2 is not a good percentage,the training was awesome, and the results in physique, hopefully AM fully recovers and Garcia boxing can stay strong for the youth of Oxnard, and future champions!! i take nothing from Pac, he is an awesome fighter….thanx 24/7 for showing us all the prep work!!

  5. Nice Going dude

    way to end your fighter’s career my friend. Great trainers know when to throw in the towel whether their fighter’s like it or not. I hope you dont do the the same thing for any of your other fighters even for that ignant douche bag, Brandon Rios.

  6. Alexander The Great

    I would like to congratulate you. you did your best. the days of the slow flat footed Mexican brawler are over Margarito’s style is obsolete. you need to find new training techniques. Manny is using U.S national Academy of sports sciences roach is using these techniques through Roach. when I saw the fight Margarito was very slow, he had no head movement, when he was being hit all he would do was move back straight line instead of lateral movement. he still does not know how to use the clinch. he still does not know how to use defense just subtle movements from side to side and backward would minimize connects. Also the writer above me notes that he’s seen manny with acne in places that steroid users have in. I have also seen and known steroid and HGH users with acne in same areas face and back. but if he’s using he’s doing while training something you guy’s should have done if you were going to use at all. not give ephedra while camera is on what were you thinking. if manny is using while training there is no proof and you cannot go and say he’s using simply because you have a feeling like I said if you were gonna use do while training. You cannot go and say this in interviews simply because you have a feeling because it would make you look worse, whats done is done. I would hope that you guy’s get a good PR person because people all over the world are watching and how they see you and how you run training camp is a reflection on you your facility. thank you thank you for trying your best and good luck in the future.

  7. Pilipino

    To Mr. Robert Garcia, the greatest boxing coach of the decade… decided to let his boxer (margarito) experienced the “all time beating of his career”. what happened to his face?! DAMN.. from a good-looking mexican turned into an “old rugged punching bag”… what’s your excuse now Mr. Robert Garcia?! be thankful that Manny is only in his 80% comdition, ‘coz if he’s in his prime 100%… you will take margarito to the hospital with “PLASTER ON HIS FACE”, eyes wide SHUT, BLIND for about 2 months!hahaha possibly will have PARKINSON and ALZHEIMER as well.. if i were you, i’m going to close my training gym due to this embarrassment… just mock around your house and take good care of your children! you don’t know boxing! good decision on not to continue your boxing career.. one more thing, think of withdrawing your boxing coach as well.. all MANNY PACQUAIO HATERS, that’s the only thing that you can do for the rest of your lives! CHAMPION IS STILL AND WILL ALWAYS BE CHAMPION!

  8. Dawg

    I would hope that Pacman would be notified that there will be an extensive blood test as soon as the fight is over. If they try to mask it, it would actually weaken him worse. I have been around steroids because I am a weight lifter, I have never touched them. I have been very tempted but in the end, I have always been happy to see what I have done on my own. I have spoken to everyone that does them, they all say the same thing, Pacman is guilty without a doubt. Just like methhead, they can ID each other a mile away. I brought it up a few years back when I noticed the nature of steroids. Pacman was not only getting bigger but he had acne only in the places you would get it if you were juicing. You can discount that but you cannot discount 1) the size of his chin structure getting bigger, 2)no way in hell you can increase size and speed, 3) once a glass jaw, always a glass jaw, 4) regeneration in the ring is abnormal and has NOTHING to do with his training regimen. When they juice, they dont have half the stamina. When they are juicing the stamina is off the chart because it is almost like they dont develope fatigue. You can say what you want but everyone who knows steroids is laughing. I just hope that he is a superhuman and has never cheated because boxing cant afford any more cheating but i doubt it.


    solo una pregunta mas que onda con fernando vargas


    una pregunta margarito y pacquiao estaran en la placita olvera para su ultima presentacion y conferencia para ir apoyarlo eso es todo viva mexico si se puede con todo

  11. TijuanBoxing

    Tony looks ready, he needs to be 110% for this fight, the good thing is that he was actually training the whole time he was out of the ring, in hopes of regaining his boxing license, now he looks to be ready for the fight of his life, can’t wait!

  12. MexicanMafia2010

    Margarito is looking ripped!

  13. love boxing

    Margarito will put the kibosh on manny’s successful career .hahahahaha