Floyd Mayweather Skips Court!

Mayweathers New Girl, Miss Jackson / Photo by Miss Jackson

Its bad enough you could face up to 34 years in prison for felony coercion, grand larceny and robbery, and misdemeanor domestic battery and harassment if convicted on all charges, but Floyd Mayweather don’t care Mayweather skipped his first court date and was ordered to pay $31,000 bail within a week and make a court appearance in January 24.

Mayweather is accused of punching and kicking Josie Harris, mother of three of his children, and of threatening their two sons if they called 911 on her behalf, in an incident at Harris’ Las Vegas residence.

On January 24 at Las Vegas Justice Court Roger Mayweather, uncle and trainer of Floyd are also scheduled to go on trial. Roger Mayweather is charged with assaulting and choking a female boxer he once trained.

How ironic that your uncle also has court the same day as you for beating up a woman.

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  1. Jay

    Its true chicks act stupid in more ways than one when a dude has money. But wait a minute, I thought Floyd was smart? If he was so smart, Why would he let himself get played by his BM. And then hes stupid enough to put hands on her. Dosent sound so slick to me. He got crazy skills in the ring but no class in or out of it. So all his fame and money amounts to nothing. its like that chick hes with, shes cute as hell but who cares cuz shes with him LOL. Yea hes rich and famous but who cares cuz hes an A-hole LOL.

  2. Paula

    But just because you call yourself Money Mayweather doesn’t mean all that money will get you out of trouble. He is so full of himself he couldn’t even make it to his own court apperance. I hope the judge throws the book at him just to prove he is not above the law. Don’t get me wrong I love him as a boxer but not so much a man.


    Congratulations Floydie. You need not go on vacation just to avoid fighting the SMALL MIDGET OF ASIA. You must be thankful to the court for sending you to jail for 34 years. It would be a grand vacation inside the jail. nice.

  4. Edgar

    @Jonny-boy good point and @MexicanMafia2010 I agree too when you got money girls will turn into bitches lol.

  5. MexicanMafia2010

    Just because everyone hates mayweather in boxing I don’t think it’s fare to judge him on his personal life. Nobody knows what happend, and we all know when you become popular with money Women can be real bitches.

  6. Jonny-Boy

    As I said if it’s true about either one of the Mayweathers. They should be locked up and soon. In my eyes never a good excuse for hitting a woman and guys that do should be thrown in jail regardless of their name or how much money they have. As people say money don’t buy class.