Yuriorkis Gamboa is The New Mike Tyson

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The 2004 Cuban Olympic gold medalist and WBA featherweight champion Yuriorkis Gamboa (20-0, 16 KOs) dropped Jorge Solis (40-3-2, 29 KOs) five times in four rounds on Saturday night in a sellout crowd of 2,913 at the Ballroom at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. According to CompuBox statistics, Gamboa landed 78 of 194 punches while Solis landed just 29 of 107 blows. 68 of Gamboa’s shots were power punches.

Every time I see Gamboa he reminds me of Mike Tyson in his prime. Just like Tyson, Gamboa, 29, is hungry and is a wild beast in the ring with no time to waste. At the sound of the bell mini Tyson attacked Solis, Solis was down twice in round two, once in round three and twice in round four before referee David Fields waved it off. Time was 1:31.

Mexico’s Solis fought the now pound-for-pound king, Manny Pacquiao, back in 2007 in a junior lightweight fight and when asked by HBO commentator, Max Kellerman to compare Pacquiao with Gamboa Solis simply said after the fight, “Pacquiao throws a lot of punches, but he doesn’t hit as hard as Gamboa.”

Hopefully this will be a step closer to a fight against titleholder Juan Manuel Lopez. Lopez who broke camp to attend the fight also showed interest.

“Yes, after I finish Salido, I’d fight him,” Lopez said. “I’ve never said no. He’s never said no. We have to negotiate it. We’re the best in the division. We have to do it.”

Though both fighters agrees to fight each other! it’s up to their promoter Top Rank to make it happen and Bob Arum has showed no rush in making this fight as he believes its not big enough commercially.

So what’s next for Gamboa? Besides Juamma, Gamboa said he will challenge Chris John or move up to 130 pounds, I guess we will have to wait and see.

If you miss any of the fights Saturday night, enjoy these headlights courtesy of Top Rank.

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  1. Jay

    Donaire is good but to be calling him pound for pound anything is premature. At least in my opinion it is. There are alot of young guys out there with decent records and skills but unless those skills are tested against the elite we will never know there true potential. If there are no elite to test them then pit the best of them and see who fights their way to the top. The probelm is we (the fans) always end up waiting a year before we see the top dogs in the division fight each other. Of course thats because of the promoters milking these young guys for every dollar possible. It ends up taking for ever to find out who the real best is.

  2. bori_4_life

    i agree with gamboa being dirty. on one of his knock downs he punched solis in back of the head while he was down. thats not called emmotions. he does it to many times its just a part of who he is. he has to be able to control himself a little more and try to stop that punching on the head. nonito wont make it with gamboa. keep putting nonito against smaller weaker guys and dont get nonito hurt. nonito will move up in weight when gamboa and juanmma go to 130.

  3. Jonny-Boy

    @ Examiner, thats true I won’t count Donaire out again and by his size it looks to be a comfortable more natural weight class for him to move up too and not lose his speed or power also the most challenging weight class for him. That would be a good fight but probably won’t happen now that Donaire is with Golden Boy.

  4. Jesus A

    Actually it was 5 knockdowns in 3 rounds. No knockdowns in the first round. Speaking of Mike Tyson…his first 10 opponents were a combined 55-54. That’s a good recipe for a lot of 1st round knockouts. Don’t get me wrong, Tyson had skills as a boxer/puncher. Still that 55-54 record speaks for itself. To many bums. Kinda reminds you of the Canelo and Chavez Jr resumes


    I hope to see Gamboa vs Donaire someday. Donaire has a good chance of making an upset win as Gamboa lacks in lateral movement skills.

  6. Jonny-Boy

    Gamboa is a good fighter and I agree that he’s not a dirty fighter but tends to get carried away when he’s trying to finish an opponent off. I like the guy and don’t consider him a dirty fighter and hope he and Lopez fight before the year is out because that will be an action fight where somebody is going down early.

  7. Jay

    I dont the guy is a dirty fighter I just think he gets a little carried away. Cortez took 2 points from Gamboa in a previous fight for hitting on the back of the head, not to mention the guy was down. It did look bad but Solis kind of contributed to it a little bit. Gamboa would land a left and follow up with a overhand right. The problem was after getting hit with the left Solis would lean to right anticipating the punch but intead of moving his head he would turn his face away exposing the back of his head. I think thats why the ref wasnt so quick to take a point. The fight was over at that point anyway. That being said Gamboa needs to be more aware of what hes doing and not get to excited. The next ref might not be so understanding. I dont think it was intentional.


    Gamboa is a dirty fighter. He has the notorious habit of punching his enemy at the back of the head. He did it against Solis and other fighters in the ring despite having been warned several times.


    After seeing the Gamboa vs Salido fight which ended in UD in Gamboa’s favor, I cannot believe he was really the next Mike Tyson. The fact that the fight reached and ended on the 12th rnd, Gamboa was exposed as not really possessed with the killer capacity of a Tyson. We know for a fact that Tyson’s fights in his heydays almost always reached only up to 4th or 5th rnd in KO or TKO victory. In his heydays, Tyson was the deadliest HW to ever become a world champion.

  10. Peter

    I thought Gamboa was good, 2 of his knockdowns were to the back of the head.
    The ref warned him but never did anything about it. I didn’t see anything on your website either. Is that just the politics of boxing?