Floyd Mayweather and Kim Kardashian


With 5 separate court cases pending, you will think Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be inching to get back in the ring. Legal fees are not cheap and when you’re facing up to 30 years in jail for allegedly assaulting and/or threatening security guards, a night club bouncer and an ex-girlfriend, you need the best lawyers money can buy.

I have come to the conclusion that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is not going to fight anytime soon. Floyd said that he will fight when he feels like fighting. Unfortunately, Floyd hasn’t given any indications of upcoming fights as he continues to party like a rock star.

Floyd is content just living his life as it is. Last week Mayweather was spotted with the Kardashians for Rob’s birthday in Las Vegas.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr. is 34 years-old with nine world titles in five different weight classes. He is undefeated as a professional boxer with 41 wins including 25 by way of a knockout so at this point I think he is probably protecting his undefeated record despite fighters like Sergio Martinez, Amir Khan and Manny Pacquiao calling him out.

Unfortunately, Floyd has not fought since winning a unanimous decision over Shane Mosley and his boxing future is uncertain at best. But at least he looks good next to Kim Kardashian. Which by the way Kim Kardashian is a boxer herself. Kim Kardashian boxed for her non profit organization. Click here to see photos.

Do you think Floyd Mayweather will ever fight again?

Edgar Gonzalez

Edgar Gonzalez

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  1. paul b.


    Anyone who knew things about this world that would ‘make your heads spin’ would be
    an intelligent, well-read, rational person. You appear to be none of these things.
    “Anyone in my Presents…..”? Dude – the word you seek is ‘presence’. ‘Presents’
    are what you get for Christmas. And the word does not
    need to be capitalized, unless you are God Almighty.

    If nobody can take you seriously on anything else you say (provided they can
    decode exactly what it is you’re TRYING to say) why would they grant any
    credibility to your pronouncements on boxing??

    I’m beginning to think you’re parked a few inches too far from the curb.


  2. Edgar

    @Melvin I have delete some of your comments, if you continue I will Banned your IP address and you will not be able to leave any comments anymore.

  3. Jonny-Boy

    @Melvin, dude this is a BOXING website I don’t agree with what’s written by anybody when it comes to race, but go play your Violin elsewhere or talk BOXING.

  4. paul b.

    Yes, it’s a boxing website, but race issues enter in to it just like they do everything else.
    Melvin says, “Winning against an African American fighter has to be through a KO, otherwise ,you know the rest..”

    Melvin, do you even WATCH boxing? People are robbed ALL THE TIME of wins, absolutely regardless of race. This only shows yet again that you are a crying, sobbing, “look how Whitey keeps me and my people down, waa waa waa…” type of person who, ultimately, ends up being your own worst enemy. Take off your blinders, man. The past is the past. Poverty and misfortune and discrimination are NOT the sole property of black Americans. There are MILLIONS of people – white, hispanic, etc – who live in less than ideal conditions AND are subject to discrimination daily. Yes, even poor whites. Nobody owns you. You say you own six businesses. If true, you must be doing pretty well. What have you to bitch about? Life is WAY too short to spend it in being pissed off about something that happened 200 years ago. Step up to plate and exert your rights. Those people who would try to stop you….? FUCK ‘EM.

  5. Jonny-Boy

    Well back to boxing, to me it doesn’t matter anymore if he comes back to fight Pacquaio or not, it’s taken too much time and don’t get me wrong I’d watch it if it went down but the interest I had before is gone now and now it’s like fight or retire and disappear from the scene. At this point it’s gonna be one of the fights that should have happened but didn’t I find it shameful on both parties for not saying screw it lets get this done and see who the best is you know like real champs do. I’ve lost respect for both these guys who could have given us perhaps a great trilogy to talk about. Instead we get one running his mouth every time the other is fighting. Meanwhile we got one trying to sell us one sided fights for our hard earned money. Give me Sergio Martinez over both of these cherry-pickers any day that’s who deserves to be #1 he’s looking to fight the best and always delivers, he’s said he’d fight either one at 154 do you think either wants any? No they won’t even get in the ring with each other or a descent challenge. Martinez paid his dues over the last 2 years and is still looking to do more guys like this is what boxing needs. Not guys scared of needles or asking for ridiculous amounts of money. I’m fed up with both of them either they put up or shut up by early next year or I won’t bother with either one we got plenty of other guys earning their way to the top.

  6. boxingisart

    I know it is a boxing website but the problem
    this non sense even exist in boxing .how many times African American boxers were gifted a win when they clearly lost their fights .Winning against an African American fighter has to be through a KO, otherwise ,you know the rest ……

  7. Jesus A

    I thought this was a boxing website…

  8. boxingisart

    @Melvin ,I am not white and I agree with Paul 100 % .In my own experience ,black people are the most racist people and when I mean black I do not mean Africans but I mean African American .You guys always use the race card in order to achieve your goals in life.
    You guys expect to get a head in life just because of your skin color .you expect others to feel sorry for you or get intimidated because your color .it a shame .I speak all the time with African Americans and all I hear is stupid rascist comments about other people from different race including Chinese,whites ,
    Latinos ,Arabs and even Africans .
    An African American guy told me once that he can not stand Africans who share the same color .I end up believing that African Americans the most rascist people .you guy only consist 13% of the population of the US which means that you guys are nothing .most of you abuse the system by resorting to food stamps and section 8 housing .you guys even hate each other and killing each other for drugs .The most funny thing that you guys think that you are smarter than other people.
    Do expect me to show sympathy for someone who can get a grant and all government support but is so lazy to go for it and compete like other people !!
    You guys are so flashy and brag about what you have all the time .it is not classy to show off and brag .why are you telling people that you own business .are you trying to prove that you are successful in life .I think that you are an insecure individual who doesn’t have class and etiquettes .
    I am really not racist but I am fed up with the race card which is thrown in every aspect in life by your people .

  9. paul b.

    Melvin – again, you are utterly incomprehensible. I’d ask again what it is you are trying so hard to say, except for one small fact – I don’t give a flying fuck.

    And by the way – I am not a racist, never have been.

    You, on the other hand, are a textbook racist.

    Yes, slavery was terrible, horrible, unspeakable. But I had NOTHING to do with it.
    And never would.

    Please, enter the new century and try, at least, to lose your anger. It is killing your soul.

  10. Melvin

    @ paul b 4 ur info it has nothing 2 do with me not being able 2 spell but more of me typing 2 fast nd being that my fingers r so big that the keys on my iPhone display r so close together that I hit the wrong keys nd it happens 2 alot of ppl that type on their phones nd I over look it b/c I am smart enough 2 understand that every one is not perfect nd no I didn’t spell check b/c it wasn’t that serious as If I was typing 2 some one of importAnce that ment anything, but we can already c Just how pettie nd Ignorant u r Just from making that comment.” I guess my spelling had nothing 2 do with me owning all 6 of my Businesses huuh? 🙂 get a life bri nd stop being jelous of Black ppl b/c they are doing better than u nd living better than u after ur forefAthers stole everything from every other country over the years nd u nd ur ppl r profiting from their theft as well as Black ppl labor that help build this country nd ur ppl has always took things from other countries like Columbus.”” need I give u a history lesson that u really dnt want 2 hear the guilt nd Thef of ur ppl.” NOT!!!!!

  11. paul b.

    @Melvin — can anyone provide a translation of this gibberish? I understand and can read black english, but this makes me believe this cat simply cannot spell _anything_. I did get the part about being jealous of Gayweather – and I can tell you that you severely misjudge your audience. Why would anyone be jealous of a little wanna-be thug with half a dozen felony charges hanging on him (one for beating a WOMAN, for christ’s sake – a real man, there), who comes from a family not smart enough to come in from out of the rain, and is obsessed to the point of sin with money – and doesn’t fight anyone he thinks has a chance of beating him? JEALOUS? ARE YOU CRAZY? Let that simple fool roll around his house on his little two-wheel go-cart to his hearts (wait, he has no heart) content. His life sounds like a big, lonely BORE to me. Pacman would damage him permanently.

  12. Melvin

    Mind ur Buisnesses that’s if u hv a life b/c he is set ms whether he fights or not I Fools with all the mouth will b The main ones trying 2 watch it.” so shut ur Pie Holes nd stop being jelous of a Brother that can call his own shots nd do things the way he wants 2 nd when he gets ready nd not when u say or the media says.” it’s that y u all r mad at him b/c he haven’t did anything 2 u all.” idiots!!!


    “x x xFloyd said that he will fight when he feels like fighting.x x x” That’s another way of saying Floyd is finished insofar as boxing is concerned. With all the legal cases that he faces right and left, He won’t have proper time anymore to prepare himself for any future fight. We might as well forget about him and let’s move one. He can fight if he really wants to fight.

  14. Jay

    “He’ll fight when he feels like fighting”, That to me is the only honest thing to come out of Floyds mouth. To me those are the words of an A-whole who has no respect for the fans and the sport that gave him that over indulgant life style. He should be ashamed to call himself a champion. To me he will always be “the saddest story in boxing”, what a waste of talent. To be totally honest I dont think he deserves to share the ring with the likes of Pacquiao, Cotto, Martinez, Mosely, Delahoya, and so many other real champions who are willing to give this sport their all. Floyd is a joke and an undesrving bitch. I,ll tell you guys this. As much as I want to see someone beat this ass clown down live, I’ll be watching the repeat if and when it ever happens. I have payed to see only two of this idiots fights ever because I all ways knew he was full of shit. But I will never bye another, and I really mean that. The way I see it he’s all ready retired and finished. Floyds chicken ass doesnt deserve a fight with Pacquiao or any other champion for that matter.

  15. Donald Stover

    I agree with paul b. Really, why should we care if he fights or not ? There’s lots of terrific young talent out there right now, let the guys with the real fire-in-the-belly entertain us, and they won’t be asking for the kind of ridiculous cash that Mayweather “thinks” he’s worth. And as far as him facing up to 30 years for alleged threats or assults, that will all go away after he pays off his alleged victims. Do all the real boxing fans a favor Mayweather,– stay home and admire yourself in the mirror, that way you’ll keep yourself out of trouble, and we all won’t have to listen to your bullshit anymore.

  16. Edgar

    At this point it’s all rumors. His not fighting. But I will keep you guys posted if I hear anything.

  17. paul b.

    Frankly? I don’t give two shits if Fayweather ever fights again or not.

    He has already given ample evidence that he has not the heart
    of a true champ.

    Chump might work, though…

  18. Jesus A

    I read on FOX sports’ website that Mayweather is fighting Victor Ortiz in September at Cowboys Stadium. On that same card Saul Alvarez will defend his title again. GBP has reserved the date with HBO already. Do you know anything about that ??