Update on Arturo Gatti’s Death

If you’re like me who believes Arturo Gatti didn’t committed suicide even after watching the documentary then I got some good news. Two years ago Brazilian police say the death of Arturo Gatti was a suicide and the only real suspect his wife, Amanda Rodrigues was release from jail who was initially charged.

Arturo Gatti

Gatti with his daughter Sofia

The three-time boxing champion’s death has remained a mystery but on August 30 will find out what really happen. Gatti’s manger, Pat Lynch, hired a team of investigators to look into his July 11, 2009 death.

The press conference will be held in Bergen, New Jersey and will release the evidence accumulated over an intense 10 month period by private investigators, Paul Ciolino of Chicago and Joseph Moura of Boston.

Gatti was found dead in a hotel in Ipojuca, Pernambuco, Brazil, where he was on vacation with his Brazilian wife, Amanda Rodrigues, and their 10 month old son. His wife was later arrested and charged with first degree murder but released shortly after the death was ruled as suicide.

Authorities in Brazil said at the time that Gatti was drunk and despondent over his failing marriage. They said that Gatti used Rodrigues’ purse strap to hang himself, as his wife and son, Arturo Jr., slept upstairs.

Later the Canadian authorities declared they wanted a second autopsy performing at the request of Gatti’s family, who suspected foul play and were unhappy with Brazilian Police force’s performance.

The August 30 news conference, medical and scientific expert witnesses from across the country are expected to make brief presentations “which will conclusively lay to rest the mystery surrounding the 37-year old Gatti’s cause of death.”

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  1. josie learmonth

    what has happeed to the world boxing hall of fame, and its president armando muniz

  2. eva

    why would gatti kill him self at the time he was world champion he would not have done that rip gatti

  3. Jonny-Boy

    One of my favorite fighters pure heart and excitement, I really don’t believe that he took his own life. I wont say he didn’t because no way of truly knowing but I hope the investigation finds the truth. R.I.P. Gatti and thank you for some of the most exciting moments in the ring.