Canelo Alvarez in a Street Brawl, See Photos

IBF light flyweight world champion Ulises “Archie” Solis

WBC junior middleweight champ Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is being accused of breaking 108 lb. titlist Ulises Solis’ jaw during a street brawl in Guadalajara yesterday. Solis suffered a broken jaw and a cracked tooth. According to Solis, the incident began while both fighters were doing their jogging and Alvarez confronted him.

“I ran into Alvarez after training and I moved to the side to let him pass,” Solis told El Universal newspaper. “He ran into me. He asked me, ‘Why are you messing with my woman?’ I told him that I don’t even know her and all of a sudden he hit me with a left and right cross that fractured my jaw. I fell back and he hit me with two more punches– To the temple and the chest.”

Canelo told the Mexican media that it was his brother who hit Solis.

“It’s not true at all. [The fight] wasn’t with me. It was with one of my brothers, but not with me. I was there. I just want to clarify that it’s not true,” Alvarez said.

Solis was scheduled to defend his title in December but is being forced to pull out as he will be having surgery today. Solis’ promoter, Fernando Beltran of Zanfer Promotions has stated he will take legal actions against Canelo.

Canelo and Marisol

Though Alvarez denied being the aggressor and indicated that it was actually his brother who had attacked Solis, Solis states other wise. There are always 3 sides to the story, Solis story, Canelo’s story and the truth.

It’s not the first time Canelo had problems over his baby mamma or his recent girlfriend, Marisol Gonzalez. The 27 year-old reporter recently broke up with the 20 year-old super star and rumor is Canelo proposed to her and will do anything to save his romance.

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  1. Jesus A

    Last time I can remember where Toney looked half way decent was when he knocked out an already faded Evander Holyfield.

    Back to Canelo…I heard Solis was talking to Canelo’s baby mama and that pissed off Canelo. One thing I don’t understand is how do you go from Canelo to Ortiz in the first place ?

  2. Edgar

    with all respects, James Toney WTF lol… you could of said a better name

  3. Edgar

    José Sulaimán stated that the WBC will pay the expenses on the damages that Ulises ‘Archie’ Solís has received not knowing who caused these damages but the WBC stands behind Saul Alvarez and declares him innocent.

    Sulaiman always protecting there fav fighters. lol

  4. EZ E

    KO JONES “Why not talk about something interesting”?? Like Toney?? Toney?? hmmmm… With all due respects but Toney stopped being interesting years ago. When was the last time Toney impresses anybody. Back in 2005?? Since then mention ONE fight that he looked good in?? He was given two unpopular decisions, on against Fres Oquendo and a unknown commodity named Danny “WHO?” Batchelder, where he struggled and barely pulled out a split verdict. The BOOOOOOO’s of the crowd can still be heard. Did you see his last fight against Darren Reed?? Were you impressed?? Okay, so now he’s dropping down to 200lbs for this one against a good fighter who recently kayo’d an old and worn Roy Jones Jr. It’s about the only way he has to market whatever is left of his career. He’s probably dreaming about greasy food right now and can’t wait to bust his diet. LOL!!

    Personally I would rather prefer that Toney do more than just just talk garbage that NO ONE can understand and do something other than make low life noise. Yeah, I know that it’s the only way he keeps his name in the news these days. He surely hasn’t been doing it with his ring accomplishments. To be honest, his name has grown… COLD!!

    But anyway… GOOD LUCK to James “Lights Out” Toney, although I don’t expect him to win

  5. EZ E

    I have to agree with EDGAR on this one. WHY would Solis fabricate a assault case against him?? Why would Canelo and/or Suliaman offer to pay for ALL of the operation and medical expenses?? Does that sound like Canelo is innocent?? Would anybody here offer to pay THOUSANDS of dollars for something he didn’t do?? I’ve now heard that Canelo is blaming his brother?? As if Solis, who lives in the came city, doesn’t know the difference between the two?? Are they IDENTICAL twins?? I also read that Solis’ manager has FOUR witnesses!!

    Will Canelo/his IDENTICAL twin/Suliaman find a way to convince the witnesses that they “DIDN’T” see anything?? Will someone pay them an INTIMIDATING visit?? Possibly?? Maybe?? Okay, “MAYBE” Canelo’s bother did it and Solis is blaming Canelo to get back at his brother and… the witnesses are in on it too, all looking to make a few pesos. Yeah right.

    Honestly, I don’t see Canelo being convicted of much of anything. Not because he’s not guilty, but because that’s the way it is. Let’s face it, Canelo is a ‘National Idol’ and the INFLUENCED system will bend over backwards to benefit him. The odds are already 10-1 in his favor.

  6. ko jones

    why not talk about something interesting,for example, Jame Toney supposedly down to two hundred lbs for his fight next week. He is fighting the guy that knocked out Roy Jones. If going without the pizza and fried chicken has made him angry and mean ,and he “spits” on some of his combinations ,he will knock this guy out.

  7. Jesus A

    Sources now say that Canelo has offered to pay for Solis’ medical bills, though not admitting any guilt.

  8. Jesus A

    There is no denying that Solis got smacked around. For all we know Solis just picked out the dude in the crowd with money. It could be anything. Solis’ promoter says he will persue legal action against Canelo..the investigation continues.

  9. Jesus A

    I’ve heard mixed opinions about this. Twitter blew up yesterday about this whole thing. Jokes started flying around too soon after. One thing for sure, If it’s true, then Canelo is a dumb ass.

  10. Edgar

    I think it was Canelo who hit Solis, why would Solis make up something like that. Who thinks Canelo hit him?