Cotto’s Wife vs Margarito’s Wife

Cottos Wife

Photo by Stacey Verbeek

I know this is something a bit off topic but apparently there are thousands of people searching the net for this.

After Saturday’s fight between Antonio Margarito and Miguel Cotto, I noticed MyBoxingFans was getting a lot of search engine traffic but aside from people searching for the fight results, it was mostly for Miguel Cotto’s wife and Antonio Margarito’s wife.

Several thousands searches have been made for Melissa Cotto and Michelle Margarito.

It all has to do with the fact during the Pay-per-view HBO kept showing both Margarito’s wife and Miguel Cotto’s wife thru out the fight.

I have to admit, both their wives are beautiful and it’s funny because as we watch, we too argued about whose wife was hotter. What can I say, we’re men!

Margarito’s Wife

So the million dollar question is, whose wife is hotter? Cotto’s wife or Margarito’s wife?

Leave your vote on the comments.

(If you guys have a better picture of Michelle email me)

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  1. dis one 187

    Maaan cottos wife r u not seeing da melons she got .. cotto all da way

  2. Jonny-Boy

    @ Donald a little dramatic there bro. It’s just normal conversation about two beautiful women. I think this is the type of article that makes MyBoxingFans unique and one of my favorite Boxing websites. The articles are well written, honest and can be fun sometimes such as this article. With that being said, I’m still going with Michelle. 🙂

  3. Victor

    Its funny cuz just about a month ago I was telling my old lady about that who’s hotter I think my lady got a little annoyed by that remark.. I got to say I was very concise on what my decision was and I got to go with mrs. margarito

  4. bill major

    margaritos wife is way hotter than cottos . sexy !

  5. El Ras

    Michelle hands down!

  6. C. ROMERO

    Cotto’s wife has this in the bag.

  7. Mando

    Cotto’s got this one by far!!! Respect’

  8. Donald Stover

    I hope this website doesn’t continue on this course. What’s next, boxing porn ?

  9. Satin Buddha

    They are both caliente, however the one that can cook gets my vote. Also respectfully I would suggest a mud wrestleing contest to determine the winner. Pay-per view where do we sign up.

  10. ricky alvarado

    i think they are hot lucky for them very pretty womans is tuff to pick one ,


    Cotto’s wife you can motorboat…


    Both look hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Dexxx

    Ok I’m back. After further research, I like Micheles natural beauty, I like Melissas tits….aaaand I like J Lo’s ass, I like Shakira’s curves, I like Sofia Vergars accent, I like Beyonc.. oh wait, what are we talking about again.

  14. haloprime

    A woman who would marry a man like Antonio Margarito has flaws that may not reflect at first but believe me, they’re there.
    Melissa Cotto. No doubt.

  15. Dexxx

    Don’t know, need to see more pics. I’m on line now. I’ll do a little (ok a lot) of research then get back to you.

  16. Joe Guevara

    I would definately stick with Melissa, ya know those Puerto Rican’s have big booties, add those luscious breast and her hot looks and you got a winner!

  17. Jay

    I think they’re both look good but Margaritos wife looks more natural and I like that, so I would say Michelle is a little hotter.

  18. J.M LOERA

    Margarito’s wife Michelle is hotter,Cottos wife Melissa has an ugly face, but she has some beautiful titts !!!!!!

  19. Edgar

    There’s alot of debate going on lol

    The following voted on Twitter, BTW if your not following us make sure you do at @MyBoxingFans

    @TwoPieceBoxing said Cotto
    @Tammy0918 that was a great motivation 4 cotto
    @sarasmile220 Tony’s wife! she looks more of a natural beauty Cottos looks to made up but nice tits
    @Restoe1 Cottos wife hot Margaritos wife hottest
    @Amy GreennPR my husband was a Mrs Cotto fan
    @corlawson tony’s all day long.
    @Proboxingfans an epic battle of cleavage vs pouty lips
    @shaun_Brown cotto’s wife she posses better weapons

  20. Jesus A

    Ms Cotto looks more like grandma Cotto.

  21. Jonny-Boy

    @ MexicanMafia, I was thinking the same thing lol but if I had to choose one I’d go Mrs. Margs but it was not an easy choice.

  22. MexicanMafia2010

    Margaritos face and cottos tits!