Floyd Mayweather to fight Canelo Alvarez May 5th?


Like many of you, I am wondering who Floyd Mayweather Jr. will fight on May 5th. Lets be honest he is not going to fight Manny Pacquiao anytime soon. Bob Arum, who promotes Pacquiao, feels May 5th is too soon and that the MGM Arena is a bad idea for the magnitude of this fight.

“The extra time is needed for construction of an arena,” said Arum, claiming the fighters could generate an extra $40 million by fighting at a 40,000-plus-seat venue on the Las Vegas Strip rather than holding the bout at the 16,000-seat MGM. “You don’t throw $40 million away.” –

I have to agree with the old bastard, he’s a smart guy. Mayweather vs Pacquiao will easy sell out a 40,000 seat venue generating millions at the gate. Oscar De La Hoya vs Floyd Mayweather generated $19 million live gate at the MGM grand and it was completely sold out in 3 hours. So imagine what Pacquiao-Mayweather will do…

When you got two of today’s pound for pound kings in the ring, they want guaranteed purses and in order for you to guarantee them 25-60 million a piece, you aren’t going to settle for the MGM Grand.

So that’s when you start thinking…well who can replace Pacquiao?

You can’t push the date back due to the fact Mayweather will be serving his time in jail beginning June 1st after Mayweather pleaded guilty last month to a reduced battery domestic-violence charge and no contest to two harassment charges.

Considering it will be Cinco de Mayo you, must fight a Mexican to sell out, but who?

Erik Morales who was rumored to fight him May 5th is no longer an option after Morales recent surgery. You can’t pick Juan Manuel Marquez who already lost at the hands of Mayweather last May 5th.

The only fighter that will make sense will be the junior middleweight titleholder Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (39-0-1, 29 KOs) and considering “Canelo” is part of Golden Boy and Golden Boy has served as Mayweather’s promoter for his last five bouts, even though they do not have a formal promotional contract, it will be easy to make that fight.

But then again is Golden Boy ready to throw their upcoming star to the wolves?

What’s your opinion?

Edgar Gonzalez

Edgar Gonzalez

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  1. Jesus A

    Canelo is avoiding Vanes Martirosyan. Besides the money, why would he want to fight Mayweather and think he can win ??

  2. AngelJavier

    In my opinion Canelo is looking to hi, this fight will be just like vargas vs trinidad a good fight but the end of the carrer of vargas. He is two joung a fight with Mayweather is trowing a good prospect carrer to the trash, first fight some one like Thomas Dulorme then take a good fight .

  3. Boxing, REALLY???

    This is just crazy, then again its boxings “New Era”!!! I would DEF love to see Canelo fight $ Mayweather, but NOT on May 5, no way in h***, not yet anyway!! I don’t wanna say that if this fight does happen, that he would take it for the $, cause I don’t kno, but I CAN tell you that he would fight Mayweather because he NOT scared of him, no offense toward $ May. Someones gotta take this fight cause we all kno that MANNY won’t step to the plate!!! I guess if I were in Canelos shoes, I would nt be able to wait 2,3,4 years till MANNY made up his mind to fight, before he got his chance at $ May!! ‘That S*** Cray’

  4. Juan a.k.a. Sleepy

    this a big time mis match completely, but hey as always mayweather picks who he fights and what he wants( it makes me upset that fighters pick your opponents, they should fight who is next in the line simple and easy). i guess we just have to wait and see what happens.

  5. AngelJavier

    What we want to see???? Cotto vs Mayweather 🙂 may be Pacman vs Martines 🙂 if Canelo fight any of those will trow his carrer just like Vargas did the promoters gave him to the wolfs let him grow as a boxer his is young ha has to take fights like Thomas Dulorme and he have to take care of his carrer not be another (almost history) like Jermain Tailor.

  6. Jay

    Yeah Arum is a sly old goat but this time he screwed up, he says you don’t throw 40 mil. away but; he’s throwing the fight away alltogether if he doesn’t make it now (idiot). When did it become manditory for these clowns to make 40,50, or 60 mil. for a fight, I dont care how good anyone of these fighters are they aren’t worth that much money. Arum & May are money whores and Pac just can’t man up to his promoter. Like I said a long time ago it’s just going to be another Jones vs Hopkins, way to late for anyone to care. They might as well retire today if they don’t make this fight now. This whole thing is a disgusting display of greed and minpulation of the fans. Thats why if it’s not Pac it has to be a mexican and it has to be in Vegas. It doesn’t matter witch mexican; anyone will do because its cinco de mayo and Mayflower knows the proud mexican crowd will show even if their guy is a 100 to 1 underdog I’m not saying that canelo is that bad of an underdog but you guys know what I mean. Martinez is out of the picture cuz he has a fight in March but I think Cotto would make a bigger and better fight than Canelo. Plus I’d be willing to pay for that. If Canelo gets this fight I hope he rips Mayflowers head off, but there’s now way in hell I’m paying for it, not even at a friends crib lol.

  7. Jamie

    I can agree with Johnny boy …..Canelo is just not ready yet …but on the other hand maybe he is …what this reminds me of is when they threw fernado vargez in with delahoya back in the day …vargez would have been a good fighter but he lost to early in his career a great fighter ….Canelo is good and one day he will be great but I think it I a mistake ….either way ….like I said before I will never pay for a mayweather or pacman fight again …in my eyes I have banned them from boxing .

  8. Jonny-Boy

    Sorry, not at all interested in this serious mis-match. I’d rather him fight someone who is not so green, Sergio Martinez is the best fight out there since the “mega-fight” is not and probably will never happen. Other than that I’ll be passing on any ppvs with Pacquiao and Mayweather headling them. I’ll catch it at a bar or a friend’s place but I’m not wasting my money on Mayweather/Canelo or Pacquiao/Bradley I have no interest in a ppv with Bradley headlining and I dont care to watch Alvarez get embarassed, so I sure as hell am not paying for them. As time passes these two guys will be remembered for failing to make a fight as opposed to their accomplishments. They can spin it anyway they want but they both failed this great sport. I seriously hope they retire, the sooner the better. We got great fights to look forward to this year and these are the guys who deserve the attention that the “mega-fight” that never happend is taking away from them.