Big Names Don’t Always Mean Best Fights

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (39-0-1, 29 KOs) will be defending his WBC Jr. Middleweight title for the fourth time against former three-division champion “Sugar” Shane Mosley (49-7-1, 39 KOs) on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

So it has come to this.

canelo and shane-mosleyOne fighter trying to maintain his place as an elite and pound for pound top fighter the other hoping to break into boxing top echelon.

Shane Mosley once considered #1 pound for pound has fell on hard times as of late. His last outing against Manny Pacquiao was far from exciting. Mosley managed to stay on his feet only to lose a one sided unanimous decision by avoiding any real danger. Add that to his questionable split decision over Sergio Mora as well as a definitive loss to Floyd Mayweather and the last 2 years Mosley has looked like a former shell of himself.

Saul Alvarez. The next great Mexican champion.

A huge attraction in Mexico not only for his fighting style but also for his unique look. (Red hair light skin) Alvarez has been highly touted as the next big thing by fans and boxing media. However for all the hype and praise that has been give to Alvarez he has yet to have a signature win under his belt. Alvarez and Golden Boy hope to change that with a win over Mosley.

This fight is the signature crossroads fight for both men and while Mosley has been in this position before its Alvarez who has the most to lose with a loss.

A Mosley win and fans will say that Canelo was not a good as Golden Boy made him out to be. A Canelo win and it does little to up his status by beating 40 year old who has not won a meaningful fight since 2009.

The fight is a lose, lose.

While the fight may have two big names and it will be on possibly the biggest PPV of the year, it does little to make me say this undercard fight is worth it. While Golden Boy and Alvarez are looking for bigger and better things for one another. A Mosley bout is not the answer.

Mosley does not deserve this fight and the fans don’t deserve another hyped up bout between fighters who should not be fighting one another.

While many may see this fight as a good scrap between a sure bet first ballot hall of famer and Mexico’s next great champion, it’s not. My hat goes off to Golden Boy for making an effort to put on a good undercard however this fight is more about marketing than putting Alvarez in with someone dangerous and even if Mosley does pull an upset it just proves the nay sayers they were right.

Canelo is overhyped.

Having Mosleys’ name be relevant won’t do much should he win. He has already lost to Mayweather, Pacquiao and Cotto. A rematch with any of those three would be pointless other than from earning standpoint for Mosley.

Boxing does not need another rematch of Mosley vs anyone and Canelo needs to do more then just win May 5th, he needs to win by knockout. However if Mosleys’ last fight against Pacquiao is any indication of how the fight may go then fans will be the ones losing.

Gabreal Gallegos

Gabreal Gallegos

Feature Writer at MyBoxingFans
Gabreal Gallegos is a Colorado Native, with stops in Las Vegas and back East. Watching PPV fights(Leonard,Duran,Hagler, Hearns and Tyson) and the Broncos losing in a few Super Bowls were a consistent memory growing up. Along the way Gabreal has learned to appreciate the good and bad that comes along with being a boxing fan. Green Chili should be its own food group. Talking and attending live boxing events is what he loves to do.
Gabreal Gallegos
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  1. Jesus A

    I just hope we see the Mosley that fought De LaHoya or even the one that fought Margarito. If either one of those Mosleys shows up then Canelo is in for a big surprise.

  2. Jamie

    It’s about time there will be a good undercard ..I think it will be a good fight for Canelo and Mosley …it will be. A good challenge for Canelo ..even through Mosley is tried he still has some fight in him an might show Canelo that he is in the big leagues now ..Mosley is not a push over by any means and anyone that fights him better be ready ..I’m going for Canelo ..but it will be a good fight anyways ..good luck Canelo ….

  3. JAAM

    This article is stupid, this fight will be even better than Pacquiao vs bradly

  4. AngelJavier

    Mosley will end canelo !!! The question is. Golden boy will let Mosley win his son Canelo???

  5. Jay

    Good one Jesus :-).

  6. Melvin

    @ maybe Mosely has started 2 see the light again.” hmmmmm? Lol!

  7. Jesus A

    Cinnamon vs Sugar. Doesn’t get any sweeter than this.

  8. Jonny-Boy

    I don’t really care for this fight, Mosley was picked for Canelo for a reason. He’s done I expect Canelo to win this fight but it will be as boring as Pacquiao/Mosley.

  9. Jamie butler

    If this is a genuine fight!!!! Mosley will win!!