Boxing Fans Lose Once Again!

“The next few weeks the boxing world will hold its breath. eagerly waiting to hear what may be. Floyd “Money” Mayweather vs Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao…”

Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto

Floyd Mayweather's adviser Leonard Ellerbe, right, said Miguel Cotto is in for "a rude, rude awakening" when the two fight May 5 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Photo by Cory Olsen | MLive Media Group

That was my final sentence almost two weeks ago in an article. Boxing fans were in a state of anticipation over the possibility of Floyd Mayweather finally facing Manny Pacquiao.

Feburary 1st boxing fans had their hopes dashed once again as Mayweather announced via twitter that he will be facing Miguel Cotto on May 5th.

While Cotto is not a terrible choice, Mayweather vs. Cotto does not have the same ring as Mayweather vs Pacquiao. Truth be told- no opponent not named Pacquiao could take the place of Pacquiao.

However just as boxing fans have been disappointed time and time again, the beginning of 2012 seems to be starting out the same way. No Mayweather vs Pacquiao and no rematch of Victor Ortiz vs. Andre Berto. Perhaps being disappointed more than being excited about boxing match ups are what fans should come to expect these days. Boxing is a business and fighters these days know that better now than ever before.

To make matters worse. Mayweather vs. Cotto is 4-5 years too late. This fight should have already happened. In the twisted world of boxing, fans were asking for this fight in 2006-2007. However instead of Mayweather facing the bigger Cotto back then he chose Zab Judah who was coming off a loss to unheralded Carlos Baldomir as well as the over matched Baldomir himself.

But just as fans were wondering why Roy Jones Jr vs. Bernard Hopkins rematch finally got made after a decade of fans wanting the rematch, boxing fans are now getting fights they wanted in 2007. The Mayweather Cotto fight is not the worst fight that could have been made and based on the other names that have been circulating as possible opponents; Cotto may be the best choice, other than Ortiz.

And who knows, perhaps Mayweather Pacquiao will be made in 2017.

And then…

Sometimes being a boxing fan is a love hate relationship…actually it feels like that now more than ever. Fans can blame the fighters, promoters, television groups and everyone else, but until fans demand fights they want collectively by not purchasing PPVs, live gate tickets, premium cable channels etc, boxers and promoters will not stop giving the fans underwhelming fights. I am not saying a boycott of the sport many of us love and enjoy watching on consistent basis, but if we are going to spend our hard earned money on a PPV fight, maybe not buying bad PPVs fights are a start.

Maybe it’s just me, but I would like to see Brandon Rios face Mike Alvarado and Robert Guerrero fight Juan Manuel Marquez.

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  1. bill major

    that ought to last all of 2 rds . mayweather tho great talent hasnt used it and now hes long in the tooth. 0 means ziltch …. he fought no one that was on top of their game ,he waits till their shot or lightweight .. lol

  2. Jay

    I got to say that anytime Mayflower fights a great fighter its always to late but its not by accident, that has been his game his entire career. His fights with Mosely, Delahoya, and now Cotto were and are all late. I’ve said this a million times; its because Floyd has avoided these guys for years just like he did pac. The only reason he’s fighting them now is cuz they’re older slower and weaker; plus he doesnt have a choice. A while back I said that Floyd would have to fight these guy sooner or later or his beloved money would stop flowing in. Floyd is his own worst enemy and he has proven me right over and over again. Most of his record is made up of B & C class opponents but for some reason so called fight fans are blind to this. The simple fact is Floyd doesnt fight without a safety net but of course thats not something his fans would ever admit. The biggest excuse fans are given when the best fights dont happen is “its buisness” its a bunch of bullshit, but as long as bandwagon jumpers and fake ass fans keep indulging this nonsense it will keep happening. The true lovers of the sport have to speek up and put their foot down(dont by their shit fights). I love boxing and because of my love for the sport I wont lie I felt compeled as we all have to watch fights I suspected wouldnt be worth the money. That was then and this is now, so for a long time now either I pitch on a fight or I watch it the next week. Yeah sometimes it sucks not to see it live but for the last few years I’ve saved myself alot disappointments and money.

  3. Jonny-Boy

    I love this sport, I don’t really give two shits about this fight anymore. Truth be told I was really looking forward to this fight when Mayweather ended his “retirement” but this waiting and finger pointing has gotten old and I no longer anticipate anything between the two until they are in the ring. Even now as time goes by it becomes less and less relevant, Boxing does not need this fight anymore and in my honest opinion it never did plain and simple. It would have been something stellar and exciting I give them that but this “the fight to save boxing” nonsense is completely untrue. When these two are done, we’ll have plenty of stars around still. Donaire, Rigondeaux, Gamboa, Khan, Peterson, Rios, Ortiz, Maidana, Russell and Broner. (many more but I wont list all these great talents) Boxing needs that fight? I think not.

  4. Jamie butler

    Proper boxing fan me!!!
    But I’m turning to UFC to watch fights!
    I don’t like the hugging crap that go’s on but atleast they fight the best and compared to tidy boxers they are on peanuts!!!
    Boxing is losing it’s appeal because of it’s politics and money grabbing goons!!!!
    Not just speaking as a fan I’m speaking as a half tidy boxer,,
    Nowhere near this league but please!!!!!
    If your gonna get paid the best!!! Fight the bloody best!!!