Its Official Floyd Mayweather vs Miguel Cotto

Floyd Mayweather vs Miguel Cotto

Moving up in to junior middleweight, Floyd Mayweather has officially announced his opponent for May 5th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. After beating the one-eyed Antonio Margarito, Miguel Cotto will take on Mayweather.

“I’m fighting Miguel Cotto on May 5th because Miss Pac Man is ducking me,” Tweeted Mayweather.

Mayweather (42-0, 26 KOs) will for the second time fight at the 154-pound division as he successfully did against Oscar De La Hoya in May 2007.

“It will be a challenge for me to compete with him at this weight but this is the type of test I thrive on and gives me the motivation to train even harder,” stated Mayweather. “I have no doubt in my mind that my title belt collection will increase once again and Cotto‘s reign as champion will come to an end on May 5th.”

Cotto, 31, who will be making the third defense of his title, agreed to random blood and urine testing for the fight. Considering Cotto is now a free agent since his contract with Bob Arum’s, Top Rank, expired on Dec. 3rd, it was easy to come to an agreement.

“I am here to fight the biggest names in boxing. I’ve never ducked anyone or any challenge in front of me. I have accepted everything to give the fans what they like…great and exciting fights,” stated Cotto. “That is what the sport of boxing is all about; making the fights that the fans want and deserve to see. On May 5th, stay tuned, because I will convincingly beat Floyd Mayweather.”

Let me know what you think of this fight?

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  1. Jonny-Boy

    @ Jake, I doubt Mayweather would have “destroyed” Cotto when he was at the top of his game. Mayweather would have played it safe to a SD or a UD back then. I don’t think he will destroy him in this fight either but I see a dominate decision victory for Mayweather. I have respect for Cotto but I don’t see him winning this fight but he’s got the heart and skill to prove a lot of people wrong.

  2. Jay

    LOL WAKE UP!!!! Jake WAKE UP!!!!!! your falling down the rabbit whole lmao. Bye the way much respect to Gotti but Cotto would have demolished him. Arum may not have wanted to do any buisness with Floyd but none of his fighters were EVER afraid of Floyd (plz), as a matter of fact most top rank fighters were calling Floyd out. Floyd only showed interest in fighting Cotto when he was coming up and not in his prime and after the Margarito fight when he thought Cotto was finished. Floyd may be a coward but he’s not stupid. Cotto all the way, Go Cotto!!!!

  3. jake

    The fact of the matter is Cotto and Arum never wanted to fight Mayweather. They always knew that Mayweather would destroy him. Look back at the people that Miguel Cotto fought; They were the same fighters that Floyd Mayweather fought!! The reality is that Miguel Cotto saw what Floyd did to Gatti and wanted nothing to do with Floyd. Now, Cotto really doesn’t have a lot of options, and that is the only reason this fight is happening.

  4. Johnny

    Mayflower is scared of mixing-up with an opponent who can box inside and who is willing to go toe-to-toe with him, but Cotto will. This will be the time when his nose is going to bled.

  5. Jay

    I dont think there’s anyway in hell that Mayflower will KO Cotto, If anyone gets KOed in this fight it will be Floyd. For floyd to knock Cotto out he and his fans will need to pray Cotto has the worst night of his life so keep on dreaming. The only way Floyd can win this fight is by decision. Laxone: you might be right and if it is a boring fight you can be sure that will be cuz of Mayflowers pussified style cuz Cottos never been in a boring fight in his life. Jamie is exactly right and I’m in 100% agreement with Jesus about Floyd losing that first fight with castillo. People can hate all they want but they all know Floyd had to take this fight and they also know this is the biggest test Floyd has ever had, they should be wondering why it took this long for this sort of a test to happen. If Floyd wants to prove something to the REAL boxing fans and have a fight that will make money he has no choice but to fight Cotto. Hes not taking this fight cuz he wants it.

  6. Cres Padilla

    It is interesting however by looking at both history matches Floyd will beat cotto and most likely by KO in between the 9 or the 10 round

  7. Jesus A

    I’ve always believed that Jose Luis Castillo beat Mayweather in their first fight.

  8. Jamie

    Now let’s think about this for a min…who has mayweather really fought that wasn’t out of there prime ..NOBODY….Ricky Hatton,Juan Marquez ,Mosley ,come on let’s be real ..mayweather is good but really hasn’t been challenged yet..when he fights Cotto and if he wins ..IF ….then I will give him props but show me first …victor Ortiz was a joke he respected mayweather to much …we will see on may 5th….

  9. Nell

    Like it or luv it cotto comes to fight an at 154lb no catch weight drain he will be at full strength. I hope if Floyd gets past cotto he fights canelo at 154lb or martinez

  10. J.M LOERA

    @laxone .. I agree with u 100%

  11. laxone

    i’ve always liked Cotto but this will be a 12 round snoozefest with Mayweather winning by UD!

    Watch online, don’t pay people!!!

    Google it, you’ll find it!

  12. Jamie butler

    If u think cotto is gonna win your a fool!!!!!!!! Mayweather ud!!!! Wtf!!!!

  13. AngelJavier

    Super!!!!! Cotto is not a good figther, hi’s a great fighter he’s not afraid. He lost agains margarito with the hand graps doub an Mani Paquiau with the drog test problems jajajajaj and the two of them have to fight him to the last rounds jajajaj Mayweather is a great boxer too but he lost control when some one step in front of him an atack him, there in no way to pronosticate how win this fight but this fight will be a war !!!!!!!! And I hope Paquiau see this fight because he will see his own future any of these two warriors will beat him this year !!!!!!

  14. bill major

    im so exceited im sleeping… another easy night for pussweather

  15. Jamie

    Now that’s what I’m talking about …I really didn’t want to see pacman and mayweather fight to be honest Cotto and mayweather is a fight …Cotto won’t hold back he is very skilled and so is mayweather …I remember when mayweather fought zab juda he almost lost juda had that fight won but couldn’t keep it together ..Mayweather is a great fighter but when he gets out of his comfort zone he loses control …and we all no that cotto can get him out of that zone and if he does cotto will pick him apart …train hard cotto be mentally perpered and this will be your fight to win ….I see an upset Cotto by knock out in the 8th

  16. Jay

    Finaly Mayweathers taking a fight that shows some heart, now we’ll see what he can really do. This fight has taken longer to put together than Pac vs May and its about time. I have to agree with Johnny-boy it is a few years to late but its still going to be a great fight. Prepare yourselves for an upset; Cotto is going to SHOCK THE WORLD!!! LMAO. If Mayflower beats Cotto I will give him credit for beating a worthy champion with power and skill, but thats not going to happen. Floyd will do alot of holding and hiding but Cotto will stop him. COTTO ALL THE WAY.



  18. Crea gym

    I hope no one pays to see this sh*tty fight. We as boxing fans don’t deserve to watch this crappy fights.

  19. Jesus A

    If Cotto upsets Mayweather, he could be mentioned in the same breath as Frankie Randall and Buster Douglas.

  20. J.M LOERA

    Bullshit !! >:o

  21. Donald Stover

    Easy payday for Mayweather, period.

  22. Jonny-Boy

    As I said this fight isn’t what it could have been about 3 yrs ago. It’s still the best fight Mayweather could have booked outside of Pacquiao and Martinez. Much better than seeing Canelo get schooled and beats Pacquiao/Bradley (which is a serious tragedy of a main event because it will end with a headbutt) although not very interested in either match-up. I certainly am not paying for either fight because the result is so predictive.

  23. Edgar G.

    Cotto looked tired against Margarito in the late rounds. I see Mayweather winning by UD.

  24. Melvin

    I’f not Mayweather/paquiao then Mayweather/ Cotto sounds pretty good!!! I just hope cotto gets in the best shape of his life!! This will be the best chance to show everyone he’s back to the early cotto.. If and that’s a huge “IF” he boxes like he did against Mosley stay tuned people we should have a pretty good fight may 5th…