The Overweight Drunk Defeats Rubio

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr

Photos by Chris Farina

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (45-0-1, 31 KOs) successfully defended his title with a twelve round unanimous decision over mandatory challenger Marco Antonio Rubio (53-6-1, 47 KOs) on Saturday night before 14,120 at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

Two weeks before his fight, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. was arrested for a DUI. Julio was pulled over in his black Land Rover on a Los Angeles freeway. That’s when the highway patrol officer smelled a strong odor of alcohol. After failing several sobriety tests, Chavez Jr was arrested for drunk driving.

There were several things I didn’t like about the fight Saturday night and a few things that need to be answered.

Why Texas allows open scorecards is beyond me. There were several times were the judges scorecard were showed to Chavez’s trainer, Freddie Roach, between rounds. In my personal opinion, I think it makes a big difference.

During the rounds you would see Chavez Sr. going up to Chavez Jr’s corner. You’re not allowed to do that. If you’re not working the corner, you can’t just go and talk to the boxer or in this case, his son. I am sure it wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the fight but I just don’t understand why Chavez gets extra perks.

When Chavez was booked for his chavez-jrdrunk driving on Jan 22, 2012, he was listed as weighing 175lbs, not sure how he lost 15 pounds in 10 days to make the 160lb limit on Friday, Feb 03, 2012, especially when you’re drinking beer days before. On fight night, Chavez weighed-in 22 pounds heavier (182lbs), if that doesn’t make you wonder, maybe the fact that Chavez Jr. fled from his dressing room without leaving a urine sample to be tested for drugs after the fight.

According to the WBC regulations, it’s a violation not to give a urine sample after a title fight. When WBC President Jose Sulaiman was asked why Chavez left without given a urine sample he simple shrugged his shoulders and said, “we forgot.”

Chavez has a history of testing positive for a diuretic also called furosemide to lose weight. In the past, Chavez was fined and suspended for 7 months for the doping.

Though the above might be a huge controversy, I will not take away his victory against Rubio. Chavez was the bigger and stronger man versus Rubio and fought well.

Watch this video of Jose Sulaiman and Dickie Cole, Texas State Athletic Commissioner, being confronted about Chavez not being tested after the fight with Rubio.

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  1. johnpressman

    Did you all notice how the announcers kept giving Chavez props while ignoring Rubio’s effective counterpunches, especially as the fight wore on??

  2. Razz

    Open Scoring was BS!
    I thought Jr look ok vs Rubio but then again It was just rubio. A tough Fighter with some pop but a C level fighter i think. One thing i did notice is Jr does have a tough chin tough, Just like Sr. I thought i saw him get hurt once and kept replaying it but could not determine if his knees buckled or he was ducking at the same time as he got his.

    Did anyone catch the security guard telling Sr. not to approach the corner. He was getting into a little argument with Security over it.

    Jr Had to take something to make this weight he just had too. You dont fogert to leave a urine sample when everyone knows its done after every fight! I like Jr’s story, Son of a legend etc..etc. but he needs some real fights now.

  3. Jonny-Boy

    This is one of the most honest and precise articles I have read, I was thinking the same thing about it once the facts came out. An irresponsible spoiled kid is what he is, I can’t ever take him serious as long as he behaves this way and is allowed a pass on who he fights and how he behaves because his name and his promoter. If Freddie continues to train this guy then I’ll be losing a little respect for him.

  4. Jesus A

    The WBC could not say if Chavez can do a non-title fight prior to facing Martinez. I asked them what their rules say regarding this issue, they simply answered ” no that we know of “.

  5. Edgar G.

    I wont hold my breath. I really want to see Chavez vs Martinez. When that does happen and if Chavez wins I will not write any bad articles on him lol YEA RIGHT!!

  6. Jesus A

    According to the WBC, the state commisions are in charge of post fight testing. The WBC has no power to enforce it or the responsability to remind anyone. So “technically” Chavez didn’t break any rules, YEAH RIGHT !!
    Also, The WBC just announced that the NEXT mandatory challenger to Chavez’s title is Martinez. Otherwise the title becomes vacant.