Erik Morales Pays $50 Thousand Dollar Fine after Losing Title on the Scale

WBC super lightweight champion Erik Morales tipped the scale at 142 losing his title on the scale. Danny Garcia came in .5 below the contract weight of 139.5. The 35 year-old from Tijuana, Mexico, was struggling to make weight and rumor is that didn’t he eat for couple of days. He was also fined $50,000 for being 2 pounds over.

“El Terrible”, one of the greatest fighters in Mexican history, is the first Mexican to win belts in four weight classes (junior featherweight, featherweight, junior lightweight and junior welterweight) and he has never ducked anyone but after losing 4 times in a row and a 2 and half year retirement in 2010, its best for Morales to hang them up after this fight.

Danny Garcia is only 24 years-old, is hungry and as much as I want Morales to win, I will be watching this fight with one eye closed. I know we said the same thing when he faced Marcos Maidana but a cat has so many lives.

The fight was originally scheduled for Jan. 24 but Morales had to postpone it in late December because he needed gall bladder surgery and a month to recover.

In the “World Championship Boxing” co-feature, junior middleweight contenders James Kirkland (30-1,

27 KOs) of Austin, Texas and Chicago’s Carlos Molina (19-4-2, 6 KOs) will square off in a scheduled 12-round bout that could propel the winner into a world title fight.

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  1. EZ E

    Yes EDGAR, I have to agree with you that Erik did in fact pick a young ‘tiger’ (I don’t consider Garcia a ‘Lion’, not yet) at this stage of his career. Actually I was kind of surprised when I fight was officially announced. I’d hate for Morales to go out this way, looking unprofessional, not in harmony with the kind of WARRIOR that he’s been for almost 2 decades.

  2. Jonny-Boy

    I would like to see Morales retire after this fight, I think he will win this fight but it will be much more difficult for him. @ EZ I see Molina upsetting Kirkland as well, been saying it since the fight was originally signed. Good to see Molina getting a well deserved payday.

  3. Edgar

    I agree with you guys, give him props for not cherry picking his opponent, his a warrior and picked a young, strong upcoming fighter.

    His no longer in his prime and like I said hope this is last fight.

  4. Kerry Stanovsky

    Erik Morales knows he screwed up. Talking about how he didn’t care about the belt, only the fight, sorta doesn’t seem at all what we’ve come to expect from him. He looked weak and soft. Danny Garcia came in looking like a fighter wanting his first title. Should be interesting.Guess now i’m more interested in Kirkland-Molina.

  5. EZ E

    It was said by ESPN’s boxing analyst Dan Rafeal that Morales did IN FACT make those comments, acting with utter indifference and showing no remorse whatsoever for not making the weight.

    It’s these types of attitudes that continue to hurt the sport. Yeah, I expect there will be a few Morales die-hard fans that will actually back “El terrible” on this issue alleging that he’s “earned a right” to assume this type of arrogace but we all know that that’s actually a combination of denial/stupidity/ignorance.

  6. EZ E

    Hmmmm… Erik is a PROFFESSIONAL, his fans have SUPPORTED him throughout, during his UPS… and DOWNS!! This shouldn’t have happened. There is no TRUE excuse. As much as I’ve admired “El Terrible” over the years, this is WRONG!

    Is this actually an advantage for Morales?? After all, it was GARCIA who made the necessary SACRIFICES to make the weight, not Erik. Could it be that Erik decided to lose his title on the scales rather than take off a couple of pounds and aviod the risk the of weakening himself??

    After being notified that he was stripped of his belt it was reported on another site that “El Terrible’s” respones was, “I already won a forth belt so it feally doesn’t matter to me”. If that’s actually true then that’s really an insult to all boxing fans, whether his or not.

    We ALL know that he was virtually handed his “fourth title” over to him by Shameful Jose Suliaman on a silver platter. It was a ‘gimmie’ ANYWAY you put it.

    Anyway, as I said BEFORE all this ‘drama’ unfolded, I was expecting a couple of UPSETS on tomorrow’s HBO card: Garcia over Morales and Molina upsetting Kirkland. Peace to all!!