The High Rollers of our Boxing Betting Game

It’s been couple of weeks now since we launched our boxing betting game and its becoming a big success. I have gotten a lot of great feedback and everyone says it makes watching boxing more interesting because you got points on the line but most importantly, bragging rights. Knowing you predicted a fight correct says a lot.

As of right now, these are the High Rollers in order:

1. Glyn Bolton ($4828)
2. Rob Rutz ($3772)
3. Kerry Stanovsky ($3157)
4. Razz ($3089)
5. Joe Basquez ($2300)

These guys have been betting on fights and predicting most of the fights correct. I have to admit, I’m hating it right now because I am not even on the Top 5. Trust me it’s harder than it sounds.

If you want to participate in our game, I welcome you. Its Free to play, simply sign up here.

Right now, we’re taking the following bets.

Edwin Rodriguez vs. Donovan George This fight is very interesting and it’s the co-main event for the Martinez fight.

Sergio Martinez vs. Matthew Macklin, though I think Martinez is going to win, I don’t know if he will win by knockout or by decision and that is what makes it hard cause Macklin is no walk in the park.

Antonio DeMarco vs. Miguel Roman Here is another one that I am not to sure whatever or not DeMarco will win by knockout or by decision because Roman has never been knocked out and with 26KOs, you know he hits hard.

Erik Morales vs Danny Garcia
This fight is currently open for High Rollers only with a minimum bet of 1,000 points. Here you can double your points or go broke. If you got 1K place your bets.

Remember that you can trade your points for real prizes so make sure you play. Who knows? Maybe you will be on the Top 5 High Rollers next

Do you have what it takes?

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  1. Kerry Stanovsky

    Macklin is a tough S.O.B. In my opinion Sergio should stop with the Tommy Hearns hands and just take these guys out sooner. His jab even seemed to be rocking Macklin. Not so sure I was in agreement with the HBO team about the scoring, but at least he didn’t leave it to the judges. I want to see Martinez vs Andre Ward.

  2. Jonny-Boy

    Martinez will win by K.O. as long as Macklin doesn’t run after he realizes he’s in with one of the best in the world.

  3. Edgar

    Who thinks Martinez will win by KO?