Yuriorkis Gamboa is Scared of Brandon Rios


Brandon "Bam Bam" Rios,Oxnard,Ca. holds a photo of Yuriorkis Gamboa,who was a no-show during the press conference Tuesday in Los Angeles. Photo by Chris Farina

Former world lightweight champion Brandon Rios was in Miami, Florida on Monday at the Versailles Restaurant to kick-off press conference to announce his April 14 showdown with former featherweight champion Yuriorkis Gamboa in Las Vegas.

The only problem was that Gamboa was no-show. That was enough to piss off Rios who kept telling the media that Yuriorkis Gamboa was scared of him. In an exclusive interview by RingTv Gamboa’s attorney said the Cuban Olympic gold medalist won’t fight Rios unless he is “operating under terms that are satisfactory” regarding his contract with co-promoters Top Rank Inc. and Ahmet Oner.

Training in Floyd Mayweather gym in Las Vegas Gamboa says he wasn’t happy with the terms of the deal and that he has not signed a contract to face Rios.

“Whenever everything is clear with my contract, that’s when the fight will happen, but right now I’m not under the terms that I want the fight to happen,” Gamboa told

Brandon Rios and Gamboa are schedule to meet in Los Angeles today the Millenium Biltmore Hotel, but Gamboa’s lawyer, Sekou Gary, said Gamboa won’t be there either.
Gamboa said he wants the fight as much as Rios does.

“I’m not scared of Brandon Rios. They all should know that. I have no problem fighting with him or any other boxer,” said Gamboa. “But the problem is with my promoters and how they’re doing their business with me. So it has nothing to do with Brandon Rios, but with the way that the business is being handled.”

The bout was announced three weeks ago to much fanfare, and tickets went on sale Friday. Top Rank president Todd duBoef described the initial sales for the fight, due to take place at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, as “terrific” and “better than we expected.”

The question is will this fight happen?

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  1. jose luis reyes gaitan

    ya excuses but will be a great fight if turns out hope rios kos gamboa
    dont talk the talk if u not willing to walk the walk

  2. Jonny-Boy

    Really disappointed in Gamboa, after calling out Rios he’s gonna pull a Tim Bradley? I don’t get it anymore these guys want the big paydays but are no longer willing to earn them. Just because your undefeated doesn’t make you worth millions of dollars! Man up Gamboa!

  3. Edgar G.

    I wish I was… so disappointed with Gamboa.

  4. Melvin

    I hope this is a joke!!! R u kidding me! The best fight of d year so far, 2 undefeated fighters live on HBO, and Gamboa wants too complain about d contract? I’m assuming d promoters need a signature before they announce fights right?? Why didnt he complain about d “terms” b4 d fight was announced!!! Just fight! Hanging around with mayweather and already he’s having issues… Now every fight has 2 b under he’s terms.. Boy I really hope Brandon kicks ur cocky ass’nnn