Alfredo Angulo Behind Bars for Almost 4 Months

Boxing has lots of twists and turns and you don’t know what will happen. Take the recent loss of Manny Pacquiao against Tim Bradley. It was like getting bitch-slapped across the face the entire length of the Internet and back. But I am not going to get into details, I am moving on.

It seems like all of our favorite fighters are going downhill. Paul Williams is paralyzed, Floyd Mayweather in jail, Andre Berto and Lamont Peterson both testing positive for banned substance. Shane Mosley, Antonio Margarito and Winky Wright all have announced their retirement.

Now another of my favorite fighters, Alfredo Angulo, has turned himself in to U.S. immigration authorities in Calexico, Mexico. He’s been detained there for the past four months.

He surrendered to the immigration authorities in hopes of getting his visa approved and doing everything the proper way. He can reapply for a work visa in the future and fight again in the US but there is no word how long the 29-year-old will remind behind bars. He is hoping his lawyers can help speed the process but its all in the hands of ICE.

I have met Angulo many times and he’s a down to earth guy. It breaks my heart to know he is locked up. Let me put it this way… MyBoxingFans editor-in-chief, Felipe Leon, and I were at the Play Boy mansion, yes, Hugh Hefner’s house, for a boxing fight and Alfredo Angulo was with us and to make the story short, Felipe spent the night at Angulo’s house and Angulo wanted to sleep on the floor while Felipe slept on his bed. Seriously who else would have done that? Who will sleep on the floor so your guest can sleep comfortably? This shows you what kind of person Alfredo Angulo is.

You can read more about our night at the play boy mansion and Angulo here. A Man’s Best Friend!(click here)

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  1. Edgar G.

    I dont care he lost to James, Angulo is a fan favorite. Word is Golden Boy is trying to help him get out.

  2. tom

    this is redicouls… free angulo

  3. Jonny-Boy

    That really sucks, I wonder what other bad news we’ll be receiving over the Summer concerning our sport. I just hope we start hearing and seeing more positive things over the bad shit. Angulo is an exciting fighter and from all I’ve heard a great guy I wish him the best of luck.