Eddie Chambers hopes Third Time is the Charm


The saying goes, “third times a charm” and that is what Eddie Chambers is counting on as he faces Tomasz Adamek June 16th at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

Chambers only two losses have come to two other European fighters in their respective countries, his first was to Alexander Povetkin in Germany and his most recent loss was to Heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko.

While those two fights may have been across the pond, Chambers will find the Prudential Center to be just as pro for his opponent as Adamek has a very strong following in the Garden state. However Chambers is no stranger to being a road warrior and he is expected make it an interesting fight come June 16th.

While Adamek may have the home court advantage, everything else is even. Both men are 6’1 and 6’1 1/2, both men come into their fights between 210-220 lbs so the deciding factor may be who can impose their will and fight plan on the other more effectively.

Chambers should be considered the boxer and Adamek more of the brawler. Adamek is an aggressive boxer who likes to stay in front of his opponent and refuses to give any ground. Chambers is a sound counter puncher who may not have the much needed knockout power for the heavyweight division he knows how to use the ring and make his opponent miss quite often.

Chambers will make Adamek miss but will it be enough to tire and slow down the bust Adamek or will Adamek’s relentlessness prove once again too much for his opponent?

June 16th we will find out but one thing that is for sure, the fans should be treated to a much needed entertaining bout in the heavyweight division.

And then… Congratulations to the 2012 Boxing Hall of Fame class. I think if Michael Buffer ever decided to write a book on what he has seen during his time MCing fights it would be an interesting read. Freddie Roach will be in Manny Pacquiao’s corner this Saturday night and then fly to New York for his induction Sunday. There is no one in boxing who is busier than Roach.

Gabreal Gallegos

Gabreal Gallegos

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Gabreal Gallegos is a Colorado Native, with stops in Las Vegas and back East. Watching PPV fights(Leonard,Duran,Hagler, Hearns and Tyson) and the Broncos losing in a few Super Bowls were a consistent memory growing up. Along the way Gabreal has learned to appreciate the good and bad that comes along with being a boxing fan. Green Chili should be its own food group. Talking and attending live boxing events is what he loves to do.
Gabreal Gallegos
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