Alvarado vs. Rios II: Spring Break 2013

Rios and Alvarado pose at a news conference to announce their upcoming match against in Los AngelesWhere will you be the last the last week of Spring Break? If you said “at home.” Why not grab a buddy and get to Las Vegas the last week of March, especially if you call yourself a boxing fan. A likely fight of the year candidate in AVR2 on March 30th at Mandalay Bay; you can still get phenomenal deals in Sin City, USA that weekend. This showdown is a rematch of 2012 fight of the year candidate in Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado. These fighters don’t have the makeup for this to be anything short of exhausting for both fighters for however long it lasts.

To get the best bang for your buck as far as fight weekends go, this is the one to consider for a last minute road trip. You can still get fight tickets at Ticketmaster for the lower bowl at Mandalay Bay for $50 and a room at nearby Hooters or Excalibur for around $60 a night through Kayak. Split it with a buddy and you are looking at three nights in Vegas for a fight weekend during Spring Break for $150 bucks apiece, aside from the other pleasures, indulgences, or gambling you prefer while in Las Vegas.

I am not going to tell you who I am betting on, but I will be there. I plan on taking both my son and daughter to their first live boxing experience. I wanted their first fight to be memorable, witnessing two warriors that they can talk about with their kids when they speak of the first fight they went to in Las Vegas, versus maybe more mainstream fighters that often disappoint.

The first fight with these two was a toe to toe war that went seven rounds before Rios stopped Alvarado in a bloody premature stoppage. Will Alvarado stay with his game plan this time and box more, staying behind his jab and outside combinations; or will he get sucked in to Rios’ non-stop inside brawling, yet deceivingly intelligent style of boxing. Bottom line, is this highly anticipated rematch is only four weeks away and it is a bargain to go see live. Being a Colorado Native, I have to pull for Alvarado; however, I am also a Rios fan and I am hoping for a similar show to what they gave us in 2012. I will be betting on the fight so I am not giving a prediction.

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  1. boxing fan

    I’m all about the 303! Alvarado must keep an arms length away and when Rios gets close, tie him up. If he does that he wins by KO or decision; otherwise it’ll be a repeat of the last fight. Cant wait to watch it.