Canelo Alvarez and Austin Trout is “99 percent set”


It sounds like the fight between WBA Light Middleweight Champion (Trout) and WBC Champion (Alvarez) is all but set for the undercard of Golden Boy’s Cinco de Mayo card on May 4th in Las Vegas. Canelo Alvarez tweeted Friday afternoon that Austin Trout is next, and Trout’s trainer Louie Burke also indicated the fight is “99 percent set.”

The pride of Las Cruces, New Mexico, Austin Trout became the WBA champion in 2011 after defeating Canelo’s brother, Rigoberto Alvarez in Mexico oddly enough. He is also coming off an impressive UD victory over Miguel Cotto this past December and he will be no push over for the younger Alvarez. However, with high risk comes high reward.

Trout is a tough and crafty fighter with good boxing skills. It will be a tough fight that will test Canelo. Subsequently, a win over Trout would definitely legitimize the young Mexican superstar as one of boxing’s best pound for pound fighters. Couple that with a Mayweather victory on the same card, and that would catapult a possible super fight later this year between Alvarez and Mayweather.

Alvarez versus Trout is worthy of a PPV event on its own, and we are most likely getting it as a bargain on the undercard of a Mayweather main event. Mayweather’s opponent is still stubbornly unannounced. That said, I really don’t care given the likely undercard. My flight is booked and I am beyond excited for this championship fight, which frankly, could go either way. There is a lot at stake for both fighters at this point in their careers, but more so for Alvarez who is lurking in the Mayweather sweepstakes.

Michael Maestas

Michael Maestas

Feature Writer at MyBoxingFans
Michael grew up on boxing and watching his grandpa's favorites such as JC Chavez and Sugar Ray Leonard. A graduate from Colorado Mesa University, Michael has also spent time in college sports radio and play by play. Boxing, however, is his true pastime; something that is cultural and always has him looking for a cheap flight to Las Vegas for the next big fight.
Michael Maestas
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  1. MexicanMafia2010

    Canelo better show what he has become.

  2. Kerry Daigle

    Floyd Mayweather wil really have to step it up to outdo this matchup……Actually Mayweather’s opponent will determine whether Alverez/Trout is the REAL MAIN EVENT!
    Outstanding match……Alvarez will quickly become ‘the man’ if he beats Trout , a real solid junior middleweight. I just don’t think Alvarez can pull it off….I think he gets stopped.

  3. Jesus Aldana

    If Canelo loses to Trout, he can go away like the other paper champ JC ChavezJr.

  4. Juan G in Indiana

    About time we get a fight that fans can get excited about. In my book, this is the main event. Floyd just doesnt get me even remotely excited to watch.

    I put money on him fighting a boxer less skilled or worthy, its a sure bet. One more win on his record… keep letting us down Floyd. Say what you may, but years from now, there will always be that doubt of “be could I have beaten…”. So go to bed with that and your hollow perfect record.
    Finally, a reason for a Cinco de Mayo boxing party.
    Both are great, but I gotta go wit Sal….ORALE’!

  5. E1kora

    If this fight happens put mayweather in the undercard lol fighting Devon Alexander pshhh or even guerrero. I assure these 2 guys will put on a performance like no other my respects to both, but I’m picking canelo by UD