Toe to Toe with Victor Ortiz as he trains for Dancing With The Stars

Former welterweight champ Victor Ortiz will be the fifth boxer to compete on "Dancing With the Stars."

Former welterweight champ Victor Ortiz will be the fifth boxer to compete on “Dancing With the Stars.”

There’s always a story of someone we are inspired by; real life stories from struggle to triumph and Victor Ortiz is no exception. At only 26 years old Victor has branded himself into a self made business mogul. Victor has been absent outside the ring for about the last 7 months but he’s proven to be a “Jack of All Trades”: cologne by VO (Victor himself), a skincare line VO (anti-aging and echo friendly), commercials, magazine covers, the face of Curacao department stores and will now join the few boxing champs who’ve participated in ABC’s award winning television show: Dancing With The Stars this season, Season 16.He will be paired with pro dancer Lindsay Arnold, who will be on the show for the first time.

Q: You’re everywhere Victor, now Dancing with the Stars, how did that opportunity come about?

Ortiz: They had contacted me before but I was busy training for my previous fights, given my current circumstances ( in regards to his broken jaw ) I knew I wasn’t going to be back in the ring anytime soon. So, I took the opportunity to pursue Dancing with the Stars. Right now, I’m working hard to compete hard, being a boxer for a living that’s a very competitive sport so I’m naturally a very competitive person and I told my partner Lindsay Arnold I would not let her down so I’m working pretty hard with her.

Q. Speaking of your dance partner Lindsay Arnold, she has a specialty in Latin Ballroom. Do you have any moves (naturally)? Are you quick to pick up the pace with Lindsay?

Ortiz: Right now I’m just taking directions from Lindsay, I’m obviously no dancer. We’re getting along very well and I’m picking up the dance moves very easily but I do get frustrated sometimes though but she works with me enough to get through it.

Q. Are you using this experience as a stepping stone? Possibly seeing Victor Ortiz in a Telanovela soon

Ortiz: I’m actually signed to Gersh, I’ll definitely be shooting some movies but this is something to keep me active and stay in competition. I can’t box for the time being so why not? And try something new!

Q. How do you stay motivated? You have so much going on

Ortiz: I can’t box; why not work hard outside the ring? My skincare line, currently in the process of my fitness line, my glasses line I need to stay relevant; I need to stamp my name everywhere. I’ll see to it I’ll get to that. Right now I just need to work hard.

Q. That’s great Victor, most fighters when they’re inactive they’re just relaxing.

Ortiz: A lot of people seem to be upset with me sometimes because I chose do more than be a boxer. I am my own person and ultimately I make my own decisions, by doing so I’m going to be on top of the world, not only not only in boxing but outside of boxing as well.

Q. Speaking of boxing, you do plan on returning to the ring at the end of this year- who would be your first choice to fight?

Ortiz: If I had a choice to pick and do it all over again, I definitely want a second chance to Floyd Mayweather. (That was a good fight)

I don’t agree with it, and yes it happened, I left it in the past, but it definitely stands out in my head.

Q. Any message to your fans?

Ortiz: To every fan out there, whether you’re a fan of mine or hate me; I mean no harm to anybody, I’m living my life. To my fans- you’re following me or you don’t, I appreciate everyone and I’ll be World Champion this year and the year after.

Despite Victor’s 2 previous losses in the ring, and all controversy after, there’s a saying “If they’re not talking about you, you’re not relevant.” Obviously, Ortiz is relevant and losing- That’s what learning is, after all; not whether we lose a fight, but how we lose and how we’ve changed because of it and what we take away from it that we never had before, to apply to other ventures in life. Losing, in a curious way, is winning. Best of Luck to Victor Ortiz this Season on Dancing With the Stars! He’s very humble person and I’m sure he’ll be a World Champion again!

Aby Dauz

Aby Dauz

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Aby Dauz
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