Adrien Broner Got Problems!

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In three weeks Adrien “the problem” Broner will face what he and many others are calling his biggest challenge to date when he moves up not one but two weight classes to face the loquacious Paulie Malignaggi at the 147lb weight limit. A weight class Broner has never campaigned at in his professional career. While it should be applauded that Broner is willing to move up two weight classes to face Malignaggi and to a degree it is, fight fans must also recognize the ruse that Broner is putting on.

Yes, Ricky Burns was the only fighter Broner could have faced at the 135lb weight class, in reality, Broner in all likelihood would have thrashed the European fighter, Pacquiao beatdown of Hatton style. Yet Burns wanted no part of Broner and rightfully so but that is where Broner should get his props revoked.

In 4 words.
Matthysse, Garcia, Peterson, Alvarado.
Broner bypassed quite possibly the most exciting weight class currently in boxing to face Paulie Malignaggi. Yes, the same Adrien Broner who was seen on All Access with Floyd Mayweather talking about Robert Guerrero being easy work or making vain attempts in post fight interviews to be cleaver and charming opted to let his talking move him out of the 140lb weight all together.

Broner is a talented fighter. A fighter at 135lb with grenades for hands. However will his power move up with him to 147lb? Shane Mosley was a great power puncher at 135lb weight class as well.

Broner did not move up two weight classes because Malignaggi was the best fighter he could face. Broner and his team picked Malignaggi because be is low risk high reward. Malignaggi is a good fighter with a decent chin but he lacks any real threat of hurting Broner with power. Malignaggi is a 12 round out work you fighter that wins by being the faster fighter. That will not be the case against Broner. The only edge Malignaggi has against Broner is a slight size advantage and he has been at the 147lb for some time now.

But there should be little debate as to wether or not Malignaggi has a real shot of winning. Entertaining,absolutely. Between the verbal jabs the two have thrown at one another on YouTube to the twitter spat they have had, these two fighters are in the A game of hyping their fight up. However will the fight live up to the pre fight hype? Probably not.

Which comes back to me original issue. Broner bypassing 140lb weight class. If Broner is looking to be the next great p4p fighter then facing Matthysse,Garcia should be a pre requisite. Broner is not in position to pick his opponents like Mayweather. Broner has not even headlined his own PPV, add the fact that HBO has walked away from dealing with Goldenboy and their fighters at the moment at the self proclaimed “prince of HBO boxing” is once again riding the coattails of the Mayweather path.

malignaggi-broner.pc.300x200It takes a very special fighter to become PPV worthy and Broner is neither special or unique to be put in that category. Mayweather was never a PPV draw until his win over De La Hoya, the same goes for Pacquiao. Neither of which Broner will ever face. Simply Broner is a great talent on the cusp of being considered a p4p fighter but is more concerned with making money than his actual legacy. That’s fine, boxing is a business and Broner is making that clear. Choosing Malignaggi as an opponent should make that crystal clear to fight fans as well. Don’t believe it? Look at Broner’s options after Malignaggi.

Devon Alexander,Marcos Maidana, Joseito Lopez and Andre Berto perhaps?
These are names that could actually be considered due to promotional affiliations. Then subtract which fighters are also managed by Al Haymon and once again possible fight options gets even slimmer. I think Shane Mosley just won his first fight in quite some time, that should be enough to be considered for another named opponent.

Broner is more style than substance right now. He has the substance but panders to his legion of followers on twitter and other various social media outlets that hang on his every word, pat his back and convince naysayers that his upcoming fight is a dangerous one. It’s not, but there is always a punchers chance unless you have 2 knockout in 36 bouts.

What it is, is a showcase on a new network. Perhaps testing the waters to see how Showtime can groom Broner as HBO was doing with him to be the next Mayweather. And if Showtime is looking long term i.e. after Mayweathers contract ends, then Broner may be their guy. Which also means, showcasing Broner to be exactly that and along with that is allowing Broner to face fighters like Malignaggi- Fighters with belts and hype but little hope to win. Expect this to continue for Broner for at least another couple fights.

.Broner loves to “talking the talk” but he is far from “walking the walk”

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