Don’t care for Manny Pacquiao Anymore!

Manny Pacquiao v Timothy Bradley - Press ConferenceAfter being knocked out cold by rival Juan Manuel Marquez in December, Manny Pacquiao will return November 24th against Brandon Rios, who recently lost to Mike Alvarado. The fight will take place at the Cotai Arena at the Venetian Macau Resort Hotel in Macau, China.

I am a bit disappointed with Pacquiao’s decision to fight Rios… why not fight Mike Alvarado who just beat Rios? Instead of moving forward, you’re stepping back.

This is why I admire Floyd Mayweather who fights only those who are coming off impressive wins. Robert Guerrero last fight with Andre Berto was Fight of the Year. Miguel Cotto beat Antonio Margarito and Victor Ortiz beat Andre Berto, just to name a few.

On the other hand, Manny Pacquiao selects those who previously lost.

He fought Antonio Margarito after Shane Mosley beat him. He fought Mosley after a draw with Sergio Mora and a previous loss to Floyd Mayweather. He fought Joshua Clottey after Cotto beat him. He fought Ricky Hatton and Oscar De La Hoya after Floyd beat both of them. He fought Tim Bradley, who the heck was Tim Bradley at that time?

Now he is fighting Brandon Rios who just lost.

They selected Rios because of the style matchup… last time I checked Mike Alvarado likes to brawl too.

What’s your thoughts? should Manny Pacquiao fight Rios or Alvarado?

Edgar Gonzalez

Edgar Gonzalez

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Edgar Gonzalez
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  1. Boxerbotak

    I totally disagree with your thought Edgar. You commented like Manny did never gave the fans what they want to see. Pacquiao is the what so call “Mr.ENTERTAINER” of the sport after Iron Mike in that era where even one who never knew boxing or even never seen the face of his heard that name. It’s nothing comparison to floyd because he is just crazy of staying undefeated. After all he is not even agreeing to fight Canelo after the fight that I’ve forecasted he would 1000% win. he did it again like he used to. ducking and ducking. Guerrero is a tough man,but even after beating berto that way, I still didn’t see he got what it takes to take floyd. yes I was right and he did a lot worse than I thought!!! no wonder he ask Guerrero to sign for rematch clause in advance contract so he can beat him again so he passes 2 of the fight that he signed with showtime for another 4 fights for $200 million right?? I’m a huge fan of boxing and I know what it’s like in the business of fighting promotion because I’m a fighter too. Yeah, you know this is not only about Pacquiao or whom he’s fighting next. I believe Pacman would fight anybody! he’s not a cherry picker and he’s never been!!! I mean, It also part of TopRank interest. regardless of go on with fighting or to retire for Pacquiao, TopRank still has to go on with their life,right? It might also causes of Pacquiao unwillingness to fight in USA because of the Taxes and whatsoever. Here is where Bob Arum can take advantage of the situation. Don’t get me wrong because Rios Alvarado 1&2 was terrific but It was not as big as trilogy of MorallesBarrera or PacquiaoMoralles or PacquiaoMarquez and that’s what TopRank wants!! therefore instead of RiosAlvarado Immediately go on with their chapter 3, Bob would put Rios with somebody that can build his name even bigger as well as Alvarado. Since Alvarado is the champ of WBO light welter, they might use advantage the title to gain some other fighters like perhaps making again with Prescott or Mauriccio Herrera.. and give the one who lose the title (Brandon) to Pacquiao.. by doing this,Rios name will be even bigger in one side, But frankly I really don’t know what those people labelled by Toprank might think, If they really think pacquiao is ” washed up” and by pressing forward hard Brandon can create him some big trauma and pass through him???, ALRIGHT, WE ALWAYS LOVE SURPRISSES DIDN’T WE???!!!hahaha. It just my opinion about it bro,how do you think?

  2. Steve Randel

    Juan in Indiana has it right. At this stage of his career, Manny is only interested in making as much money as possible, which he will need to pursue his eventual bid to become president of the Philippines.

  3. ko jones

    Its always been about money. The fighters dont fight for trophies. Take the easier fight if the money is close. In this case, Rios will be a tougher fight than Alvarado would be. Manny got timed by Marquez. It was a thing of beauty. They should fight one more time. As far as Mayweather, who has he fought than that could be considered a great fighter? No one. It isnt his fault. He is the best,we all know that. Its not his fault that the guys he fought have limited skill.

  4. ko jones

    Rios is one tough son of a gun. Takes a great punch and can really punch. It will not be easy for Manny. Alvarado ,with all due respect,would get knocked out by Manny.

  5. Juan G in Indiana

    Im a big Manny fan… But I beleive financing is part of the issue, but also intrest.
    I have come to the reality that manny may be on his downward drive.
    I commend his politics and lifestyle changes, but lets be honest….when was the last time manny got us excited….de la hoya, cotto, margarito…..
    what im getting at is, not recently….
    I gave up on Floyd, and honestly, I think Floyd would dominate if they fought today.
    Long explination short, Manny just isnt into it like he once was… and its showing.
    His team is picking his fights, and he just going for the ride…..just my opinion

  6. MMaestas

    It does make you wonder why not Alvarado? I think it’s becoming purely a financial thing for Manny at this point, hence fighting in China rarther than the U.S. To his credit they wanted a rematch with either Marquez or Bradley but instead they both wanted to stay put and fight each other in the U.S. rather than going overseas. I respect what manny has done in the ring for us over the years; however, it’s like he fights guys when the iron is not hot contrary to Mayweather who does fight guys when they are coming off their biggest victories.