The Return of Antonio Margarito

margaritoEleven months ago Antonio Margarito, known by many as “The Tijuana Tornado” for his relentless pressure style, announced his retirement after losing via 10th-round knockout in a grudge rematch against Miguel Cotto and previously suffered a broken orbital bone and a severe cataract in his right eye thanks to the hands of Manny Pacquiao. Margarito felt he could no longer compete in the level he wanted to.

Margarito’s announcement was the best decision he could have done. As a huge boxing fan, I couldn’t bare watching him get a beat down. For several years Margarito was considered the most avoided fighter in the sport and I want to continue remembering him in a positive way regardless of the hand-wrap scandal in 2009.

But… just like every fighter who retires, word is Antonio Margarito is planning a comeback.

The majority of fighters who come out of retirement do to financial issues and Margarito is no exception.

Rumor is that his divorce with Michelle, who is currently pregnant by a family friend, has become a nightmare, granting Michelle a multi-million settlement forcing the “Tijuana Tornado” to sell several of his assets.

With Margarito’s new baby with his new girl, Lorena Vidales, he wants to take on a big-money fight to help him financially. The only opponents that are able to give him big paychecks are a possible fight with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. at 160. Chavez’s promoter, Bob Arum, did consider this fight before Margarito lost to Cotto.

Another fight that can take place at 154 will be against “Canelo” Alvarez but personally I don’t think he should even fight at all. The lack of money is the root of all evil.

It’s sad to see how far one will go, just ask Shane Mosley, he too got divorced and came out of retirement while Mike Tyson is doing stand up comedy to support his family. There was a time when a fool and his money were soon parted but now it happens to everybody.

Edgar Gonzalez

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  1. EZ E

    Cotto fired his chauffeur last week. hmmm… Maybe Tony should apply….

  2. Jivaldez2000

    I have NO INTEREST in watching this guy fight against anyone. At this point is obvious that its not about being a competitor in the sport but about getting paid. He knows there is not much future for him left in boxing. He would have no problem taking a paid lost against an uprising fighter. We already know he has no honor or respect for the sport. I’m sure Bob Arum would love to enhance one of his fighters reputation with a win over this Joker. I see no reason at all for team Canelo or Chavez Jr. to take a risk on this clown other than a sure win.