Boxing and casinos – a true love story

casinoLas Vegas, also known as the city of lights where everything is beautiful has a history to marvel about as far as boxing and other gambling activities are concerned. It’s a metropolis that was built on a desert, and thrived on gambling activities rather than the course for which it was built.

In just one century of its existence, Las Vegas has thrived in gambling and vice as a form of entertainment, thus it has managed to attract millions of audience and billions of dollars in pure wealth. Of course where there is gambling, there is money, and this is what drives the mighty Las Vegas economy.

How it grew into a casino hub, ultimately welcoming boxing into the matrix

History has it that this city was founded by ranchers and rail-road worker. However, as it were, the city would develop into something else – a den of gambling, and to some extent, prostitution, and money laundering activities.

In those days, the much beloved Las Vegas provided a safe haven for East-Coast organized crimes. Money realized from the sale of drugs and other activities were used to erect casinos.

And then curious visitors would come (they still do) to experience what those casinos would offer. This was sheer low-cost luxury with the thrill of partaking in all sorts of fantasies.

So, how did boxing find its way here, and why is the city famous for attracting some of the biggest fights?

In a world where people love sports, you’d say that all sports have a home, i.e. places where they can be imported from. Boxing, to be specific, is a game that has attracted a huge audience. It’s a game of economics and tradition. In boxing, you find Las Vegas and then other places.

The Las Vegas strip erected marquee lights in the early days which became synonymous with big-time fights. This environment created a mystique that could not be replicated anywhere else.

You see, when people like Floyd hold a fight in Las Vegas, there is something that characterizes the environment of the city. They call it electricity or a charge that no words can describe.

Staging a boxing event where Floyd will participate in not only helps the hospitality industry, but the entire city as a whole. And even though the people of Las Vegas are accustomed to holding big-time events, a Mayweather fight in Las Vegas is treated as one of a kind. This is the only big fight that matters.

Each time he gets down there on the ring, it is speculated that his activity generates some $100 million to the Las Vegas economy and another whooping $11 million dollars in non-gambling activities related to hotel bookings and eateries in the area.

And as you can see, this is the only city that has had a big part of its history marked by gambling activities. It therefore makes sense for Las Vegas to hold some of the biggest fights in history – although New York had reigned in this area some time back.

So this is where people go to have fun gambling because gambling is always in the atmosphere regardless of the time of the day. Good thing is; you don’t have to fly to Las Vegas to experience its offering. You could always play at All Slots Canada to get a feeling of what it’s like to experience Las Vegas first-hand.


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