Verbal battle of Mayweather and McGregor

The upcoming boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is one that fight fans around the world are eagerly anticipating and it has already been given the billing The Money Fight. The two fighters are expected to make around $100 million and $5 million respectively from the encounter, with millions of fans around the world set to tune in on 26th August, but the two have been warming up for battle by indulging in some serious trash talking over the past few months.

Essentially these two have spent the last year calling each other all kinds of crap – both in interviews and on social media, with Mayweather getting things underway in an interview in November last year where he suggested that it was ‘disrespect’ to compare McGregor to him and described himself as an ‘elephant.’ By this he did not mean that he had grey skin and a long nose, but that he was too big to bother with the likes of McGregor – who he called an ‘ant’. Unsurprisingly his potential opponent felt he needed to respond to this, although his Twitter post saying he was going to ‘break (McGregor’s) face’ lacked some of the poetry and finesse of Mayweather’s quote. Things continued to heat up from that point on, with McGregor posting a cartoon of himself standing triumphantly over a knocked out Mayweather, before the latter made fun of the fact that his UFC opponent was ‘only’ worth $2.5 million compared with his own $60 million net worth.

The two were also continuing to exchange verbal trash talk at various videos captured outside dodgy-looking locations – with TMZ going out of its way to follow them around with cameras and microphones to grab their pearls of wisdom. Amazingly, at this stage, there was still no actual fight, with the two just bitching at each other vaguely homoerotically about nothing very much. The fight wasn’t officially on until the summer of this year and McGregor duly stepped up his trash talking game by posting a shot of Mayweather in the gym on his Twitter, calling him ‘Senior’ and suggesting he would be delighted to still be able to train when he was that old. McGregor has also stated that he plans to “change the face of boxing” by beating his more illustrious opponent, but he should watch out as Mayweather may well be planning to change the face of McGregor by beating it to a pulp. Of course this kind of talk is harmless and happens in most sports and competitions, with even the casino game like poker is not immune – see the pro William Kassouf’s ill-fated attempt to mock an opponent during a tournament.

If Mayweather and McGregor take their trash talking game into the ring with them come August and produce the goods with their fists as well as their mouths, the viewing public could be in for a memorable encounter.

Edgar Gonzalez

Edgar Gonzalez

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