Roberto Duran Dies of a Stroke

Before you start freaking out, the 59-year old “Manos de Piedra” is not dead but there were some rumor of his supposed death from a stroke. The rumor started through social networks and emails and was eventually reported on television in Panama. Though Duran does look like he might get a stroke with all that extra weight, he’s doing fine.

“I am happy that the people worry about me and my family,” said “Hands of Stone”. “I am fine but people shouldn’t be spreading that news.”

Earlier this year Roberto Duran had a nose operation but that was to help him breath normally and the operation was a success.

A famous quote from the Panamanian boxing legend:

“I am not an animal in my personal life. But in the ring there is an animal inside me. Sometimes it roars when the first bell rights. Sometimes it springs out later in a fight. But I can always feel it there, driving me and pushing me forward. It is what makes me win. It makes me enjoy fighting.” — Roberto Duran

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  1. Jesus A

    News Flash…Duran is in training for a comeback fight…

  2. Jesus A

    Dude, Duran is from Panama !!!

  3. myboxingfan

    Yeah people sometimes do this kind of stuff to get noticed. The bad thing is, it’s really not a good news to spread.

    I think those people should better to shut up and make use of themselves in other ways.

  4. Jay

    He will always be one of the greatest. Wow he is pretty big, GOD BLESS HIM. People should’nt spred rumors like that, Your right Jonny-Boy people now adays do the dumbest of dumb things. Just look at the world we live in, evrything is ass backwards.

  5. Delio-am Sojelirdam

    Thank God the “news” was not true. I am a diehard fan of this great Puerto Rican warrior. I cannot forget his great fight against Thomas Hearn where Hearns KOed him. The fight was refereed by our very own Sonny Padilla, the same third man in the ring during the THRILLA IN MANILA between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. God Bless you Hand of Stone.

  6. Edgar

    Wow, impressing, I posted this article on Twitter and it got so many re-twittes and even a few people got mad at me for posting it.

    This just shows how many fans love Duran.

  7. Jonny-Boy

    people do some dumb stuff now and days. Just glad to see he’s just fine.